Salman Khan's Message to Fans on Eid
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Salman Khan's Message to Fans on Eid

Kick superhero Salman Khan reveals what Ramadan means to him

“I love festivals and I wish everyone a very happy Eid,” says Salman Khan, even as he celebrates at home with his family. According to him, he loves the warmth that surrounds festivals and starts his day by reading his namaaz in the morning, after which, “I spend time with my family.”

In a rare take on what the month of Ramadan means he adds, “I try not to wake up late, have negative thoughts, or have problems with family and friends. We try to maximise positivity and minimise negativity. The three big vices — smoking, drinking and eating — are cut down.”

Some of his favourite memories of Eid are childhood ones, when his mum Salma put dry fruits out in the sun. Even as some were eaten by the birds, Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail ate up the rest! On Eid itself, he eats everything that his mum makes – especially her delicious biryani – but, as he says, “After a week, comes the most miserable time as I have to burn all those calories!”

This year of course is extra special, with Salman loyalists still pouring into the theatres to see Kick. And producer-director Sajid Nadiadwala adds, “Eid brings a lot of happiness. After spending the day with our families, Salman and I usually meet in the evening.”

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