Salman Khan's Girlfriend Lulia Vantur Already Wed!
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Salman Khan's Girlfriend Lulia Vantur Already Wed!

Salman's father Salim Khan allegedly dug up Lulia's past

If Salman Khan is really involved with Lulia Vantur we feel sorry for him as the Romanian is allegedly already married to a Grammy nominated musician called Marius Moga. Rumour has it that Sallu's father, Salim Khan, was the one to dig up this information. We don't know how deeply involved Salman was with her but if they did in fact have something between them, it must have hurt Salman to know he was dating a girl who was in fact already married and lying to him. People say he had even bought her an apartment. Rumour has it that Salim suspected that something was amiss with Lulia and did a thorough investigation. Salman was allegedly so shocked that he even cancelled his trip to London and spent Eid with his family. If this is in fact true, then perhaps Somy Ali, his one-time girlfriend and now best buddy is his safest choice.

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