Salman Khan VS Akshay Kumar: Battle for Eid 2020

Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan will be releasing their films Sooryavanshi and Inshallah respectively, next Eid. Which one will you watch
Salman Khan VS Akshay Kumar: Battle for Eid 2020
Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar

A lot of eyebrows were raised when Akshay Kumar announced that he would reaching theatres with Sooryavanshi, his big ticket cop drama with Rohit Shetty on Eid 2020. Now, Eid is generally a period when Salman Khan has his releases. In the last few years, Bhai has wooed his fans with an Eid film, most of which have done exceedingly well (save for a Race 3 in 2018). Even this year, in 2019, Salman will has Bharat up for release. But once Akshay announced Sooryavansham, Bhai fans wondered what would come next.

Well, what came next was Inshallah, Salman's next with Sanjay Leela Bhansali which marks the coming together of the powerful duo after 19 years. But the question is: was Salman trying to usurp the Eid slot where Akshay recently entered? After all, it is well known that two big films with two superstars releasing on the same day means death of either one of them at the box office.

A close friend of Salman’s defends the move. “Why should Bhai not announce a film for Eid 2020? Eid  is the slot when  his fans look forward  to his release. So what  if he didn’t announce any film earlier for Eid 2020?  Akshay  would just have to deal with the competition.”

However, Akshay Kumar came in  first with Sooryavanshi for Eid 2020  and surely there is no ownership of any  slot  or season  by any actor? Salman’s friend  thinks otherwise, “There may be no official  ownership. But doesn’t Akshay come  with his releases on Independence Day and Republic Day? He chose the Eid slot at his own peril.”

Akshay’s supporters  are shocked at the move though. It may be pertinent to remember that Akshay had bailed out Sanjay Leela Bhansali in 2018 when he moved the release of Padman  to accommodate SLB's Padmaavat that was finding a release after months of controversy.  "When his friends say Eid is traditionally Salman’s slot let us remind them that Republic Day is Akshay’s slot and he had generously vacated his slot for Bhansali," says Akshay's supporter.

While this fight threatens to  get uglier one thing is for sure - either  Salman or Akshay would have to opt of the Eid 2020 slot. Who will blink first? Or will they both release their films on the same day? This is a battle that will be well worth the price of the ticket!