Salman Khan Surprises Onlookers As He Takes a Rickshaw Ride Back Home
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Salman Khan Surprises Onlookers As He Takes a Rickshaw Ride Back Home

Bhai is always full of surprises

Bollywood star Salman Khan has some rather unusual nocturnal behaviour, well, generally unexpected of a star of his stature we would say!  Did you know that one of Bhai’s favourite pastimes around midnight is to roam around the city in an auto rickshaw? Well, apparently he does it so often that most of the rickshaw drivers are aware of his night-time gallivanting. We wonder if Bhai has a favourite rickshaw or a driver he likes to patronise!

Salman, who will be turning 50 this December 27 was recently spotted getting into a rickshaw outside Sajid Nadiadwala’s apartment. The actor had dinner with his dad Salim Khan and Nikhil Dwivedi. Post the meal, Salman dropped his father to the car but preferred to take an auto rickshaw ride back home himself with Nikhil joining him in the auto.

As expected, the star created a frenzy with his presence in the area as shutterbugs and fans tried to catch a glimpse of him and get close to him.

We don’t blame the fans, after all it is not quite often that you spot a superstar hopping into an auto rickshaw for a ride back home! And that is also why we love him, don’t we?



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