Salman Khan Quits Bigg Boss
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Salman Khan Quits Bigg Boss

The actor won't be part of the popular reality show anymore

Much has been speculated about Salman Khan hosting Bigg Boss this year. But his fans will be disappointed to hear that the superstar has decided to quit the popular reality show.

A number of reasons for his exit from the show were being discussed, from pay cheques to issues like hikes in payment and Salman’s disagreement with the channel on certain policies. But it’s now confirmed that he will not be a part of Bigg Boss Season 8, because of the channel’s take on wanting Salman to stop being himself on the show.

A source reveals, “Salman is known to openly express his feelings and views. He was told to tone down his judgmental attitude towards contestants he did not care for and openly favour others.” This is when Salman decided to not be part of the show, since his spontaneity on the show, is what made him loved and cherished among his fans.

Salman claims that he may have been a bit rash with a few contestants on the show, but it was only because he was attached to it and passionate about a good outcome on the show. But with Salman out of the Bigg Boss family, wonder how the show will sustain its appeal?