Salman Khan Needs Career Reinvention. Is THIS the Person to do it?
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Salman Khan Needs Career Reinvention. Is THIS the Person to do it?

Though his last film Bharat did well, the postponement of Inshallah with Sanjay Leela Bhansali may affect his career. There is one person who can change the course though…

Salman Khan’s career seems to be facing a small crisis. Of course, nothing can shake him from his position as the darling of the masses and one of the biggest stars of Bollywood, but there is a certain need for reinvention. Though his last film Bharat did well, most of his fans agreed it was not the  best of scripts to fall back on at a  time when Salman needs to  be  mass-friendly and at the same time more experimental. It worked for him but didn’t fetch him the glory of say, a Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

In other words, Salman must walk that fine balance between what he wants and what fans want. Lamentably, there is no one to tell him what is right for  him, except his father writer Salim Khan who is now too old  to intervene in his children’s  work decisions. Salman’s exit from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Inshallah was the worst blow possible for his career. Much was expected out of his association with the master filmmaker but things didn’t end the way he or his fans would have wanted to after the announcement of the postponement of the film. There were many theories that were floated around too, regarding the film.

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Who will stop Salman from making wrong  career decisions?  Close friends say the exit of Reshma Shetty who managed Salman’s career until a year ago, has affected his career somewhat. It was probably not the best of decisions he has made. “She always told him like it was, but now he’s surrounded with yes-men who simply agree with everything he says. He needs Reshma Shetty to manage his career decisions,” a   close friend  of Salman opines.

The  buzz is, Shetty’s  company Matrix may once again take charge of  Salman’s career. If there is any truth  to this, then  it is the best decision Salman could ever take and one that will stop him from making hasty egoistic  decision that are deleterious to his career in future.

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