Salman Khan is Still Like a Child to Jackie Shroff

Salman Khan is Still Like a Child to Jackie Shroff

Salman Khan and Jackie Shroff met on the sets of Falak prior to the latter’s acting debut
Salman Khan is Still Like a Child to Jackie Shroff
Salman Khan and Jackie Shroff

Starting his career in 1982 with Swami Dada, Bollywood star Jackie Shroff has went on to become one of the most admired actors in the industry. Spending over three decades in the fraternity, the star has been a part of many blockbusters, starring alongside Anil Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and even Salman Khan numerous times. And it looks like even at the age of 62, Jackie can still look good on screen, complimenting a 52-year-old Salman’s father in the recently released Bharat. But this is not the first time, he thought of the Dabangg actor as his child.

In an interview with The Asian Age, Jackie spoke about the time he first met Salman on the sets of their film, Falak. “I recall the time when Salman used to assist the directors in the films that I was doing, and we would go together and see clothes and boots that I was to wear during the shoot. He used to love boots. For me, he is a kid who has grown up worshiping me. He would come with dumbbells and other workout stuff and talk about ways to grow taller. I used to carry his pictures to different producers and introduce him as a great upcoming actor. I have seen him as a child, though he has become my dad in his attitude. Children grow up, but a child remains a child. He may walk ahead, but he is still a child.”

The Devdas star also shared that no other actor could have played Salman’s father in Bharat, except him. He shared, “I became his father because no one can better emote his father than me. He may be the father of the industry, but I am his father. It’s been pleasure being with him. We have taken a lot from each other.”

This is not the first time Jackie had to play a leading actor or actress’ father. He essayed Kareena Kapoor Khan’s father in 2001’s Yaadein and later Aamir Khan’s father as well in Dhoom 3 which released in 2013. He explained that if the character being offered to him is interesting, he doesn’t give much attention to the other factors in the equation. On the other hand, Jackie and Salman have worked in numerous films together. Prior to Bharat, they have starred opposite each other in Bandhan, Veer, Kyon Ki, Freaky Ali and Kahin Pyaar Na Jaaye.