Salman Khan ignored!

Salman Khan ignored!

Politicians hog the show as the actor gets row 6 at a public function

Salman Khan was recently invited as a special guest to inaugurate Hyderabad's new international airport. But unfortunately he was completely ignored by the organisers. Dia Mirza was the other celebrity who attended the event and hosted the show.

Salman arrived at the venue at the scheduled time, but none of the politicians who were to attend the function arrived on time. They came in only by 4.30. Meanwhile, Salman waited patiently, despite the fact that he was asked to sit in the sixth row in the audience. What was more shocking was that Salman was not called on stage even once, nor was his name mentioned by anybody on stage. Dia Mirza, who was hosting the show, was bound by the script and could not mention him.

An eye witness says it was ridiculous. Salman is a big personality and not acknowledging his presence is like an insult to him. However, Salman did not show any disappointment and interacted with the people sitting next to him. He did not make any noise to make his presence felt and quietly got up and left to take his flight at 6pm. He had earlier informed the organisers about his departure time.

It was quite surprising that the organisers did not mention his name throughout the 3 hours that he sat there. Was this done on purpose to insult the big star or in the presence of heavyweight politicians like Sonia Gandhi, Salman was just forgotten?