Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty Coming Together for Kick 2?
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Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty Coming Together for Kick 2?

Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty may be teaming up for the sequel to Kick, according to currently ongoing rumors. But how true is it?

It seems unlikely that Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty would come together in the near future. However, suspicious reports of the two coming together  to do Kick 2 seem to have been planted by vested interests just to make sure the project looks more exciting than it actually is.

A source very close to the development spills the beans. “Just think about it. Did Rohit Shetty even hint anywhere that he will be directing Salman soon? Not for a very long time. Shetty’s next is with Akshay Kumar (Sooryavanshi). Salman is not in the picture, at all, for whatever reasons.”

This source would reveal no more. But further probing reveals a curious failure of communication between Salman and Shetty, probably because, as a close friend of Salman reveals, Shetty is seen as an Ajay Devgn loyalist. And loyalty is a major issue for Salman.

“Not only has Shetty formed a durable and strong team with Ajay Devgn he has also directed two films with Shah Rukh Khan. Not a very impressive dossier for Salman,” says the source.

Hence the reports of Rohit Shetty taking over Kick 2 seem purely planted. Planted by whom, we shall not discuss. But I do remember Sajid Nadiadwala telling me, “Whenever Kick comes back it will only be me directing it. No one else.”

So who started the rumour of Rohit Shetty directing Kick 2? The unnamed source gave this reason for Shetty directing Kick 2, “Rohit will be a perfect fit to make Kick 2 because the film is high on action and will have car chase sequences, something that Rohit is a master at. Plus, bringing Rohit and Salman's combination for this film will add more star value to it."

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