Salman Khan and Others Wish Karan Deol Good Luck For His Bollywood Debut!
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Salman Khan and Others Wish Karan Deol Good Luck For His Bollywood Debut!

Salman Khan wishes Sunny Deol’s son, Karan Deol all the very best for the launch of his Bollywood career. He will be debuting with Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. Salman Khan, among others, also shared the teaser with fans.

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is the much awaited film that is going to launch the career of Sunny Deol’s son, Karan Deol. In addition to Karan Deol, a new, budding actress, Sahher Bambba will also be entering the film industry with Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. The official posters of the film were recently shared all across social media and the internet. In addition to the official posters, the teasers of the film were also launched on YouTube. The teaser was a huge hit amongst fans and since its release, it has garnered close to a whopping 4.4 million views! In addition to the powerhouse YouTube, Bollywood’s very own, Salman Khan also took to his social media, Twitter account to wish Karan for his debut film and also extended a warm welcome to the star kid in the Indian film industry. Along with the tweet, Salman also shared the teaser of the new actors’ Karan and Sahher’s film. He wrote: “Best wishes Karan... Welcome to the Indian film industry with ‘pal pal dil ke paas’ @iamsunnydeol #KaranDeol”

Here is the beautiful new teaser: 

With stunning visuals, story and screenplay that was conducted by Jasvinder Singh Bath (Jassi) & Ravikishan Shankar the teaser is definitely a sight for sore eyes. But nothing can beat the vocals of Arijit Singh which take viewers into another dimension. In addition to Arijit, the music was conducted by Sachet Parampara, Rishi Rich & Tanishk Bagchi (Hoja Awara) while the lyrics were penned by Siddharth-Garima. What a way to be introduced to the world of Bollywood! The good news does not stop there and it seems as though this is a bit of a family venture as this film is also the talented Sunny Deol’s second directorial and he has evidently put in a lot of effort in getting every single detail right. On seeing Salman’s supportive and positive tweet, Sunny Deol also replied and thanked him for the good wishes. Sunny Deol replied to the tweet and wrote, “Thanks @BeingSalmanKhan, your wishes mean a lot.”

The proud father also shared the teaser of the much awaited film on his social media twitter account and captioned the post: Proud and excited to bring the next generation of our family, my son Karan, along with Sahher who embark on their new journey of पहला प्यार with #PalPalDilKePaas. Teaser out on Monday at 11am! #KaranDeol #SahherBambba @aapkadharam @ZeeStudios_ @ZeeMusicCompany

In a recent interview, actor-politician could not stop gushing about his baby boy and how proud he is of him. He said: "It is a very emotional moment for me to see my son Karan make his debut on the big screen, I hope the audience appreciates him and showers him with the same kind of love that they have given me for so many years," he added.
Grandfather of Karan, Dharmendra Deol, also took to his twitter account to wish his grandson all the best. He wrote: “From their (heart) to yours, dive into the magic & adventure of first love with the teaser of #PalPalDilKePaas: … #KaranDeol #SahherBambba @iamsunnydeol @ZeeStudios_ @SunnySuperSound @ZeeMusicCompany”

The well wishes do not stop there as proud uncle, Abhay Deol also penned a heartfelt note for his nephew. He shared the poster of the film along with this caption: “It was in September 1973 that the movie “Blackmail” was released. It featured the song “Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass”, sung by the multitalented Kishore Kumar, with the beautiful Rakhee and the man I most look up to in my life, my uncle Dharmendra in it. I revisited the song recently and it still gives me goosebumps. Tomorrow the teaser of the film #palpaldilkepaas will go live at 11am, the 5th of August. Two young talents get launched in this movie, @sahherbambba and my nephew @imkarandeol. Directed by my brother @iamsunnydeol, it’s hard to contain my excitement. It seems like only yesterday I held Karan in my arms as a baby. How he’s grown! So proud and so happy to see this completed and to share it with you. @zeestudiosofficial @zeemusiccompany @aapkadharam #sunnysupersound”

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is set in Himachal Pradesh. Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas will tell a love story with essence of finding the emotion for the first time -- with all its innocence, doubts and the complexities. While fans will have to wait for the full trailer, the teaser has gladly impressed them and really got them excited. It captures an absolutely beautiful landscape with stunning  brilliant visuals of snow-capped mountains, rugged terrain and fresh flowing rivers. While fans only get to see a mere glimpse of Karan and Sahher, the audience is anxiously waiting for the trailer where they may get to see just a little bit more of the two debutantes. The film is directed by Sunny Deol and is also produced by him. The music is composed by Rishi Rich, Sachet-Parampara and Tanisk Bagchi. It is scheduled to release on the 20th of September, 2019.

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