Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's Turpeya Shows Nobody Does Bollywood Better Than Salman Khan
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's Turpeya Shows Nobody Does Bollywood Better Than Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's song Turpey is classic Bollywood and we love it!

How is patriotism not as problematic when Salman Khan does it? That's something only Bhai himself can answer. He's been ruling the Bollywood roost for so long that the only thing we do know is how to love him. Whether he gets in court cases, gives successive flops, Bhai's evergreen charm doesn't seem to budge. In Bharat, Salman Khan plays the evergreen endearing desi man who has left his country but misses it terribly. His recent song 'Turpeya' is also an ode to his irresistible charm as a big screen hero with a big heart and a fan base that just won't quit.

In Turpeya, we see Nora Fatehi defying the rules of gravity and biology as her body twists and turns miraculously. Salman Khan is wearing a naval uniform and begins the song with just how much he misses his country despite the fact that he has left the country to earn a better living. Ain't that the malaise that plagues us all. And that's what Bhai does. He resonates with every man, he becomes the man every man wants to be with the every-man-is-going-through-this despite being privileged, good looking, and impossibly successful at 50 years old.

Bharat also stars Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover and Disha Patani. It is a remake of the Korean film 'An Ode to My Father' and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar who has always managed to give great hits to Salman Khan. Ali Abbas Zafar and Salman Khan's earlier collaborations Tiger Zinda Hai and Sultan have been epic blockbusters. Would Bharat be just as successful? Given the terrible run the Khans have had at the box office, here's hoping all the patriotism and dancing bellies and epic photoshops done to make Salman Khan look older (and younger) will do the trick for Bhai and his fans. Bharat releases 5th June.

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