Scandal Flashback: Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan’s Fight with the Kashyaps

Scandal Flashback: Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan’s Fight with the Kashyaps

Why the Khan brothers and Anurag and Abhinav Kashyap were at war
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Scandal Flashback: Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan’s Fight with the Kashyaps
Anurag Kashyap

Salman Khan

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Despite being a commercial blockbuster, the director of Dabangg Abhinav Kashyap, was far from happy. Rumours of his strained relationship with Salman Khan on the sets made its rounds during the shooting of the film in September 2010. Abhinav, allegedly, was not very happy with Salman’s persistent interference and did not appreciate his ‘suggestions’ while making the film. Things took a turn for the worse when Arbaaz Khan said that Salman’s character Chulbul Pandey was not created by Abhinav and the mastermind behind the character was in fact Dilip Shukla, who had earlier worked with Abhinav but had parted ways due to creative differences. Arbaaz said Abhinav had just tweaked the story and made Dabangg.
The issue became more complicated when Abhinav started demanding an enormous amount of money to direct the Dabangg sequel. An industry insider alleges that, “Arbaaz was not ready to give Abhinav more money and Salman also took offense at Abhinav’s growing demands.” Reportedly Abhinav sent a text message to Arbaaz saying he would not be a part of Dabangg 2. Arbaaz went on record to say that he was upset with Abhinav for leaving the project randomly over an SMS.

THIS WAS WHEN Abhinav’s brother Anurag Kashyap tweeted his anger over the situation: “Salman Khan thinks he made my brother’s life, hope he does the same for Arbaaz when he does Dabangg 2. Abhinav Singh Kashyap, you rock. I love you. Show them what you are made off.” Arbaaz retaliated to Anurag’s tweet in a TV interview, stating, “Salman Khan has already made my life with Dabangg. I don’t need Dabangg 2 for that. We gave Abhinav an opportunity. Why wasn’t Anurag backing his brother at that time? Where was he when his brother was doing rounds of the industry with his script for two years?” 

Abhinav stepped in to appease the quickly deteriorating situation and stated that it was his decision to part from the project. He went on to call Anurag emotional and even added that he had overreacted. A calmer Anurag, perhaps encouraged by Abhinav’s stance, tweeted his peace offering to the Khans: “I wish them luck. I am thankful they gave my brother the break. I apologise to everyone for the earlier comment. In reply to Arbaaz, the reason I didn’t support Abhinav is because my brother wanted to make it on his own without my help.”

SALMAN KHAN didn’t accept Anurag’s apology and called him a coward. The director didn’t take very kindly to the superstar’s unforgiving stance and tweeted, “Salman might not be aware of it but I am not afraid of anybody or anything.” Abhinav continues to take digs at the Khans to this day. He recently criticised Salman during the promotions of his movie Besharam starring Ranbir Kapoor, saying that he was happier working with Ranbir than with Salman. But as luck would have it, Dabangg 2, directed by Arbaaz went on to become a blockbuster while Besharam was trashed by the critics and the audience. The agitated Abhinav even accused Salman of sabotaging his film. This shocking drama came to a standstill with Arbaaz and Salman having the last laugh!

Sallu’s other spats

Shah Rukh Khan

Their first fight happened when Salman barged onto the sets of Chalte Chalte and caused drama with Aishwarya Rai, who he was dating then. After a brief patch up in 2005 their friendship came to an end after an ugly spat at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party in 2008.

Vivek Oberoi

The Salman Khan-Vivek Oberoi controversy had once kicked up a storm. Things went worse when Aishwarya’s ex Vivek claimed that Salman had threatened to kill him.

Kushal Tandon

Kushal had made claims that Salman Khan had apologised to Kushal for his attitude towards him on Bigg Boss 7. Salman said that he had better things to do than to apologise to him.


Salman Khan: Jai Ho, his first film post Dabangg 2 fared averagely at the BO but he remains a superstar.

Arbaaz Khan: He has taken a break from being the judge on a stand-up comedy show and has roped in Sonam Kapoor for his next venture, Dolly Ki Doli.

Abhinav Kashyap: He has not yet signed any Hindi film as a director but there is talk that he will be directing a South film with actor Vijay.

Anurag Kashyap: He has temporarily separated with his wife Kalki Koechlin. He is busy shooting his dream project, Bombay Velvet with Ranbir Kapoor.

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