Salman drops Akshaye from TV show
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Salman drops Akshaye from TV show

Sallu finds him too boring!

According to sources, for the promotion of Anil Kapoor's home production "Short Kut – The Con Is On", Akshaye Khanna and Anil were to appear on Salman Khan's TV show "10 Ka Dum".

Everything was fine and the dates too had been fixed. But suddenly Salman suggested that it would be better to have Arshad Warsi and Anil Kapoor on the show rather than Akshaye Khanna and Anil Kapoor.

He also justified it by saying that Akshaye has got a very serious type of image which would make the show quite boring. So to make it interesting he suggested Arhsad's name, who also features in the film.

Anil, who is a good friend of Salman, did not have a problem with this and the fresh dates for the shoot are being worked on.

Apparently this comes a day after Anil blasted Akshaye for not promoting "Short Kut". Akshaye has a problem with Arshad and hence he does not want to be part of any promotions.

With this episode, it seems that Arshad and Anil have joined hands and they do not want Akshaye anywhere in the picture.

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