Saleem Mairaj Exclusive Interview, Actor Talks about Talash’s Trailer

Saleem Mairaj Exclusive Interview, Actor Talks about Talash’s Trailer

Actor Saleem Mairaj talks about his upcoming movie Talash, in an exclusive chat with Masala
Saleem Mairaj Exclusive Interview, Actor Talks about Talash’s Trailer
Saleem Mairaj

The trailer of new Pakistani movie Talash  has just been released. This film, directed by a young director, Zeeshan Khan (aka Zee Kay), and written by Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi, is based on the high rate of child mortality in Pakistan as a result of malnutrition.  The film’s cast includes Saleem Mairaj, Ahmad Zeb, Faria Hassan, Noman Sami, Sana Bucha and Adnan Shah Tipu in the lead roles. 

The trailer looks promising as we see a montage of the scenic rural areas of interior Sindh, powerful men driving land cruisers, men running with guns, policemen conducting investigations, exciting car chases, colourful dance performances, a group of friends getting together and a team of doctors setting up a medical camp. Masala had an exclusive chat with actor Saleem Mairaj to learn more about this upcoming movie:

The first look of Talash is out! What kind of reaction and comments have you received so far?

It’s good fun and impressive! We have received some great reviews from the public, as the film promotes a social message, related to malnutrition, and also has entertainment value.

What made you say yes to this role?

This is the first time I was working with Zee Kay and did not know of his technical expertise. So when you sign a film, you can only sign it based on the strength of the script and if you understand the character. And it is only when you start shooting that you realise the quality of the other aspects of filmmaking.

Same was the case with Talash. I really enjoyed reading the script and really liked the character, so I said yes. But it rarely happens that your expectations are met completely on the sets. However, when we started shooting for Talash, I saw that the production team gave the project more than their 100 percent. It is difficult to find good facilities in interior Sindh but they made very good arrangements for our accommodation and food, etc. which really impacts actors’ performances.  

How was your experience shooting for this film and with your co-stars Ahmed, Noaman, Sana, Tipu and others?

This was the first time I was working with several actors, including the hero and heroine, but they were all very nice and professional. There were some that I have worked with previously. Qureshi Saab enjoys immense respect and has a unique status in the industry, and I am really inspired by him, so it was great sharing the silver screen with him. 

Adnan Tipu is like a brother and I have worked a lot with him previously. Whenever we are part of a theatre, television or film project, we enjoy a great rapport, both at work and afterwards. Overall my experience with the entire cast was very good!

Your thoughts on the current state of the Pakistani film industry and the kind of movies that are being produced?

Well right now, there are many movies being made in Pakistan. Different writers and directors are making movies based on their experiences and expertise. Some are being are being appreciated by the public and are successful; others are not.  Similarly, Talash is also an experiment which I hope people will like. Sometimes when we work in a movie, we just keep praying that it will be a super hit. In other cases, where we work really hard to promote a social cause, we really want the public to see the movie, not only for entertainment, but also so that the message can reach a wide audience. In Talash we have really tried to promote a good cause in a very positive and entertaining way.