Saif, Kareena Cheer For Karisma's Estranged Husband
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Saif, Kareena Cheer For Karisma's Estranged Husband

Sunjay Kapoor was cordial to Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore at a recent event

Karisma Kapoor has, of late, been in the news for her alleged break-up with businessman Sandeep Toshniwal... And now comes the news of the Kapoor-Khan family having met up with Lolo’s ex-husband Sunjay Kapoor. They came face to face at The Bhopal Pataudi Polo Cup held in New Delhi!

Rumour has it that Lolo avoided meeting her ex. However, Saif and Kareena remained cordial and spoke politely to him. Interestingly, it was Sunjay who approached the family and spoke informally. Sources say, “He went up to Sharmila Tagore and greeted her. Before the match began, Saif and Kareena spoke to him for quite some time and even cheered him on during the match.” The source further added that Lolo, however, was not spotted interacting or looking at her cordial best at the said event!

Incidentally, when they were together earlier, it was Karisma who was always seen supporting him and egging him on at his polo matches! 

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