Saif Ali Khan Spills the Beans About His Character in Laal Kaptaan

Saif Ali Khan Spills the Beans About His Character in Laal Kaptaan

Saif Ali Khan will soon be seen in his upcoming film Laal Kaptaan which is releasing on October 18th, 2019. Saif Ali Khan has played the role of a bloodthirsty avenger.

Saif Ali Khan is one of the most unconventional actors of recent times. Despite being in Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan has always broken from the mold stereotyped for the heroes in Bollywood. The Nawab of Pataudi has always been more interested in the character and the content rather than his screen space in the film. This is why he has done some of the most unusual films and roles like Dil Chahta Hai, Omkara, Rangoon, Love Aaj Kal, and now Laal Kaptaan. According to Saif Ali Khan, the influence of his maternal Bengali side is strong on his personality which has made him an artistic and creative person.

In a recent interview for Zoom, Saif Ali Khan talked about his upcoming film Laal Kaptaan where he will be seen portraying one of the most difficult and unusual roles of his career. He has played the role of the ferocious and bloodthirst Naga Sadhu from the pre-partition India when East India Company has started establishing its influence and the Mughal empire was crumbling down. Saif Ali Khan’s character in the film has been waiting for twenty years to seek revenge from a man named Rehmat Khan. According to Saif Ali Khan, the greatest challenge in portraying this character was the preparation.

Saif Ali Khan would spend hours in the washroom trying to perfect the voice needed for this character. Unlike most of his previous roles where Saif Ali Khan used to let his acting take the front seat, in Laal Kaptaan Saif Ali Khan also had to give special emphasis to his outlook as even the costume told a story. Everything in this look was thoughtfully designed to convey a meaningful impact. He said that the costume was heavy and hard to handle but he made sure he did not take it off all day except while having lunch.

According to Saif Ali Khan, he also enjoyed the locations of Rajasthan because India has the aptest locations which can be utilized in the films. He said that he struggled with the action in the beginning as this was not his forte. According to Saif Ali Khan, the action is not about strength or speed but about the timing. He compared action to dance which also used the same technique. He also said that action is about eyes and expressions. Delivering a line with the seriousness that it is convincing enough is not an easy forte. Action in Bollywood is harder than that in the west because here people do not prefer using a duplicate.


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