Saif Ali Khan: "I'm Interested to Read What the Reviewers Have to Say"
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Saif Ali Khan: "I'm Interested to Read What the Reviewers Have to Say"

Ahead of the release of Sacred Games, Saif Ali Khan talks to us about the series and his interesting role

Sacred Games is set to release in a few days. Nervous to see how audiences react to it?

I’m quite interested to read what the reviewers have to say about Scared Games and of course what people feel. I’ve been pretty lucky, in the sense when I have worked hard people have usually appreciated my work. Vikramaditya Motwane has directed me well in Sacred Games, and together we’ve made something special.

What aspects of Sartaj Singh’s character do you find most interesting?

I found it interesting that Sartaj was not very heroic as a cop, contrary to what we see in Bollywood films, where they’re all super humans. He’s isolated and at an all-time low. He’s the only sardar around, and looks different from the rest and that kind of bothers him and sets him apart too. He’s honest and troubled at the same time. He gets this amazing chance to fix his life and that arch of him becoming a hero is interesting.

What was your experience working with a Netlflix series as compare to a feature film?

The experience has been pretty much the same. However, there’s more focus on certain moments in a series. It’s about how you stretch time. Every show has a different rhythm, and finding that is the challenge. In terms of stress level there’s a lot of action going on when shooting for a series. The cameras are always ready and minimal equipment is used, thus we’re constantly on our feet. Sometimes even 14 hours a day. Maybe the director was on a diet or something, because he would hardly call for breaks between shots (laughs).  In films you gets constant breaks, every time there’s a lighting change you get 20 mins to half hour to relax, which we kind of get used to. The advantage to working continuously however, is that you get to capture locations for what they are in real time. The city while shooting looks chaotic, crazy and real, which is difficult to recreate in a film.

This is the first time you’ll be working with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. What fascinated you about his way of working?

We have parallel stories in Sacred Games, so we haven’t really worked together, expect for in one scene. He seems to have a great gift and inherent poise, class and grace as an actor. Even when playing a mafia thug, he has a prince like nobility in his demeanour.

In your previous film Kaalakandi and now Sacred Games, you play very intense characters. How do you break free from the character once you are done shooting.

Have a bath and watch a Netflix show (laughs). I love watching TV when I’m home. I was watching the Crown on Netlfix and now I’m watching a detective show. Me and Kareena love watching murder mysteries. That’s how I unwind and try distancing away from the serious characters I play.

Have you watched Veere Di Wedding?

I haven’t actually. Am I the only one remaining? I am very pleased with how the film turned out actually.

Do you think you’ll ever be part of a chick flick? Is it your cup of tea?

I’m sure I have done a few. Can we consider Salaam Namaste as a chick flick? Yea, sure though! It depends if the script is worth it, I would give it a go. I’m opened to everything.

Lastly, have you got a chance to watch Race 3 yet? The audience have missed you immensely in it. Your thoughts on the film?

Well, I believe the film has made a lot of money. So, I’m happy for Ramesh Taurani and Salman Khan.

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