Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) Won’t Be Held This Year; Here's Why

Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) Won’t Be Held This Year; Here's Why

The region’s most popular film festival has undergone a structural change and will be next held in 2019
Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) Won’t Be Held This Year; Here's Why
Sonam Kapoor during the 2017 edition of the Film Festival

Over the last 15 years, the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) had become a prominent platform for cinema in this region. However, in a development that will cause heart break to millions of DIFF fans, the organisers announced that they will be adopting a new strategy to support films and that DIFF won’t be held this year. Taking cognisance of the significant changes taking place in the creative and entertainment landscape, there appears to be a strategic shift in approach. Now, the festival will be held every two years with the 15th edition and will be hosted in 2019. This means, NO DIFF in 2018. 

Jamal Al Sharif, Chairman Dubai Film and TV Commission has been quoted as saying, “ DIFF has established Dubai as a world-class destination in the film and content industry. It serves as a platform to promote cultural understanding between the region and the world, as well as the development of the local and regional film industry, giving the opportunity to many ambitious film makers to shine.”

“With the vast changes taking place both in the regional and global movie-making and content industry, we are seeking to redefine the Dubai International Film Festival’s approach towards nurturing growth, creativity and talent. Innovative new approaches and technologies are transforming the distribution of content and the craft of movie-making. As a forward-thinking player in the global film industry, DIFF seeks to embrace the future of the industry through this strategic shift.”

“The Festival will continue its significant contribution to the development of the industry, as we look forward to celebrating with the public, film lovers and industry professionals in 2019. We will announce the final dates, details and the new programme as soon as confirmed.”

Dubai International Film Festival has celebrated the magic of cinema over the past 14 years, with almost 2,000 screenings including 500 films from the Arab world, helped more than 300 films from the region reach completion, facilitated funding and partnership for a further 140, supported more than 200 talented Arab filmmakers through the Festival’s Muhr Awards, and driven tourism across the city.

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