Saif Ali Khan: Sacred Games 2 May be the End of Series
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Saif Ali Khan: Sacred Games 2 May be the End of Series

Netflix series, Sacred Games has had fans hooked and now, Saif Ali Khan has revealed that the second season could be the last for the show. Fans, brace yourselves!

Sacred Games fans should be prepared for the series to come to its conclusion as Saif Ali Khan recently revealed. When you love a certain web or television series, fans dread for it to come to an end. Saif Ali Khan was recently interviewed by an online portal, in which he revealed some news pertaining to his hit Netflix series, Sacred Games. The storyline has been continuing for two seasons, and Saif Ali Khan has revealed that he may not be sure whether the series will continue for a third season or not.

"This story ends at the end of this season. So I don’t know if they will extend it. This is a fairly solid conclusion but there is always scope for more,” he said in his post. After his statement in the interview, it appears that fans will be experiencing a lot more agony than they already have been, while waiting for the release of the second season.

The second season will see Saif Ali Khan return to his uniform as Sartaj Singh struggling with different loose ends in his life. Addressing his character, he had said, "I played this character longer than any other character. I think he is the same guy. He is not going to sort out any issue, in fact, it might just get worse. There is no time for wallowing and pity. He is still a very imperfect, flawed character and is addicted to alcohol, drugs, and pills. He is very under-confident in many ways. He is wonderfully human but a big mess."

Saif went on to add that the new season has been cleverly directed to make the first one appear a lot simpler. He further added that this season will have the show changing gears. Pankaj Tripathi will return as Guruji. He was only seen in two episodes in the previous season but this time he will be seen growing and becoming more powerful.

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