Saboor Aly’s Gul in Gul O Gulzar Watches Her World Fall Apart and Falls Back Into Old Habits
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Saboor Aly’s Gul in Gul O Gulzar Watches Her World Fall Apart and Falls Back Into Old Habits

Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi are best friends turned foes in “Gul O Gulzar” – in a turn of events, the two are seen returning to their friendship

Gul finds herself in a predicament when, after Adil’s outburst, Kifayat and her brother-in-law turn against Gul and Adil, forbidding anyone to see them or allow them into their home.

On the other end, Adil’s parents are celebrating when Adil arrives home and inform Adil that his wife, Mehjabeen, is expecting.  Now the husband of two expecting wives, Adil is stuck in a rough spot, especially considering Mehjabeen’s family and their position.  Worried about Gul’s threat to go to Mehjabeen’s family, Adil talks to his father.  His father tells him to leave it all to him and begins filling him in on a plan.

Gul confides in Kashi, telling him about Adil’s second wife and his betrayal, along with the fact that her parents will no longer speak to her.  Kashi tells Gul that she can trust him and he will be there to take her in when things go south.  He tells Gul that she should move things along herself and put Adil in a position where she walks away with a lot of money.  Adil’s father arrives at Gul’s house with his wife and the two try to buy Gul off, but she instead threatens them that if they try to do anything of the sort, she will go directly to the media and makes it clear that she will go to any length to get her way.

As Jamal (Paras Masroor) packs to leave for Canada, Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) becomes emotional and he consoles her.  A happy couple, they are having a hard time imagining being apart.  Gulzar makes the (very ridiculous) suggestion that she and his mother will move into Gulzar’s old house to be surrounded by loved ones and people they know – thereby putting herself in harms way on her own by relocating back into the community where Gul and her family reside.  This is, by the way, the same neighborhood that believed Gulzar helped Gul run away and maligned Gulzar for it.  Why would she want to move back here?

The comedic aspect of the show comes in the form of Mehjabeen’s family – and while it’s actually a very scary sort of family that threatens their son-in-law at every turn, this is the sort of attitude every family should have regarding their daughters.  Daughters are precious and the men who marry them should treat them as such.  Mehjabeen’s family is adamant that Adil must treat Mehjabeen with love and respect – otherwise…..they will kill him.  And while the threat is technically scary, it’s hilarious to see Adil, an abusive, manipulative, liar of a man, shake in his boots with just a look from Mehjabeen’s brother.

In Gul’s loneliness, she reaches out to Gulzar.  It’s frustrating to watch these scenes, because knowing the situation, it’s a wonder why Gulzar has not blocked Gul’s number at this point – and even if she has not, why does she continue to answer these phone calls?  While Gul may have a reason to slip back into this friendship, Gulzar has become well aware of Gul’s threatening nature and should have the sense to stay away.  At the end, when Gulzar tells Gul about Jamal’s gift and Gul realizes that Gulzar has a loving husband, the expression that crosses Gul’s face is absolutely horrifying.  Credit must be given to Saboor Aly for portraying Gul as a girl that can not only be pitied, but also feared.  Gul is a highly complex character, one who is going through a lot, but is also the creator of her own bad situations.  There’s an ugliness deep inside this character that cannot allow anyone else to be happy if she isn’t – and this is where Gulzar’s downfall will begin.  If Gul isn’t happy, how can Gulzar be happy?  While it will make for an exciting watch to see Gul’s actions here on out, it’s also like watching a train wreck in that Gulzar should know better than to get involved with this toxic friend once again.