Saboor Aly’s Bhool, Episodes 13 & 14: Relationships Begin to Change
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Saboor Aly’s Bhool, Episodes 13 & 14: Relationships Begin to Change

In Saboor Aly’s “Bhool,” Aisha begins to reciprocate Imran’s feelings and viewers see a silent bond forming between Aisha and her father

While outwardly, one could examine Bhool and write it off as a miserable show with the emphasis on how a woman commits one mistake and is never forgiven for it.  However, on the other hand, the show seems to project several messages at once – though more subtle.  For example, if one mistake committed years ago should be forgiven, should negative behavior committed years ago be forgiven as well?  When the world strips you of your dignity based on one mistake, how does that emotional burden manifest in the future when dealing with a child?  What emotional right does an absent father have on his child?  If a mother raises her child on her own, does that give her the right to forbid her daughter from meeting her own father?  Bhool manages to effectively pique audience interest in how these aspects of the story will continue to be tackled.

Episode 13 begins by focusing on progressing the Sidra and Aisha (Saboor Aly) rivalry as Imran’s (Hassan Hayat Khan) interest in Aisha continues to increase.  A jealous Sidra argues with Aisha, ordering her to skip the class picnic and during a scuffle, Sidra pushes Aisha into the bedpost, causing a head injury.  During her time in the hospital, many visitors drop in to check on Aisha, including Imran and Awais (Affan Waheed). Aiman (Saheefa Jabbar Khattak) asks him to leave.  Aisha eventually makes a full recovery, exposing Sidra’s hand in the entire situation and Kashif forbids Sidra from leaving the house. Aiman and Aisha make the decision to move into their own place, away from Sidra and Shabana. 

Awais makes the decision to leave all his property and wealth to Aisha, listing her as his sole heir.  Awais intends to give it to Aisha in person, but is disheartened when he realizes that Aiman and Aisha have moved. When Awais meets Imran on Aisha’s campus, he asks Imran to give an envelope to Aisha, an envelope that contains his will and property papers, along with a letter.  Imran passes it on to Aisha and realizes that something is amiss when he sees her reaction. 

While it’s heartwarming to see Awais and his affection for his daughter, along with his aim to make right his mistakes of the past – is his crime forgivable?  The years of pain and shame Aiman has lived through and the years that Aisha has gone through without a father, without anyone to protect her; can Awais and his “sorry” make that pain go away? As a viewer, it feels as though audience sentiment is betraying Aiman as well.  Aiman has not handled the grief over the years well, facing gossip and humiliation by simply…..not facing it. She has also taught Aisha to do the same and one cannot help thinking if Aisha would be better off with her father.  Affan Waheed’s performance is the stand-out performance of the episode.  Awais and his grief, his burden of guilt are apparent on Affan’s face, allowing the viewer to sympathize with a man who has done some very bad things.  How this story continues to progress will be interesting, especially with the preview of episode 15 indicating a possible eloping moment between Imran and Aisha?  Let’s wait and watch!

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