Sabaat Episode 8: Hasan Rebels
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Sabaat Episode 8: Hasan Rebels

Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani continue to win hearts as Anaya and Hassan, a couple unable to unite due to differences in status and social background

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“Sabaat” is one of the more promising shows on Pakistani television these days with a stellar star cast, including Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gilani, Sarah Khan, Usman Mukhtar, Mohammed Ahmed, Seemi Raheel and others.  While the show initially took off at full speed, the pace has slowed over the course of the past few episodes.  While Miraal’s conceit and mental health seems to be spiraling out of control, Hassan and Anaya’s relationship comes to a standstill after Hassan’s father misbehaves with Anaya’s family.

As episode 8 begins, Hassan (Ameer Gilani) is seen trying to get in touch with Anaya (Mawra Hocane), who refuses to answer his calls.  He ultimately arrives at her door and while her father initially tries to send him away, Anaya calls him in and fills him in on the humiliation her family faced courtesy his father.  She asks him to stay away from her and regrets allowing him in her life.  Hassan confronts his family and packs to leave home, but his mother pleads and promises to get him married to Anaya.  The tensions between Hassan, his father and Miraal are strong and his mother finally convinces his father to agree to Hassan and Anaya’s marriage for the sake of Hassan’s happiness.  Ameer Gilani is a natural and seems to be a promising star in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Again, harping on the beautiful family bond between Anaya and her parents, it’s a relief to see that her father (Mohammed Ahmed) does not refuse to see Anaya because he’s angry with her – rather, he’s unable to see her upset and does not have the courage to comfort her in this moment.  This family bond has, once again, been presented in a way that brings out positive feelings.  Anaya’s parents worry for Anaya’s happiness and while they are upset at Hassan’s father’s behavior, they do not blame Anaya for it.  Even when discussing her proposal elsewhere, Anaya’s mother has a heart-to-heart with her and Anaya asks for more time.  With so many shows depicting flawed family relationships, it’s something to write home about when realistic, understanding, open, loving relationships are presented on screen and this family is it.  The scene where Anaya tops her university exams and her parents cut a cake with her is tear-inducing as Anaya’s guilt at watching her parents being insulted and her parents discomfort at Anaya’s sadness all comes tumbling out and the family shares an emotional, apologetic moment.  Mawra Hocane, Mohammed Ahmed and Seemi Raheel’s performances are natural and it feels as though they’re a real family.

Unfortunately, Sarah Khan’s Miraal continues to be a hard-to-understand character.  While Miraal seems to have been heavily affected by Naani’s (Azra Mansoor) death, Naani is beginning to appear in strange, taunting visions.  For Miraal, Naani has become a villain in her life, someone haunting, someone to fear.  What caused this shift exactly?  Is it guilt because she blames herself for Naani’s death?  And if this is so, there should be some shift in demeanor or behavior to indicate that -but other than these scenes, there’s no indication of change.  In fact, Miraal seems to be spiraling out of control in her arrogance and self-importance, asking her fiancé to hire a contract killer to murder Anaya.  What’s more perplexing is that Miraal’s friend and fiancé both continue to try to pacify Miraal when, in reality, they should be distancing themselves from her.  Her fiancé should be breaking off their engagement himself, but instead, he’s chasing her and trying to make her see reason.  Either these are faulty characters written poorly or Miraal is a woman who surrounds herself with yes-men.  Which one it is remains to be seen and will be decided as the story plays out to see how much attention to detail has been given with the writing.  As of right now, Miraal is a weak link though.  She’s more irritating and grating than fascinating.

The preview for the next episode shows that Hassan’s mother will, again, take a proposal for Anaya and it seems that her parents may even relent.  Meanwhile, Miraal’s anger is reaching new heights and one hopes some more emphasis is put on this character and her unraveling is presented in a more understandable way.  Of course, viewers are still waiting for Usman Mukhtar, but with Miraal’s mental health reaching a breaking point, hopefully he will enter the picture soon – and the pace will pick up.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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