Sabaat Episode 2:  After Fighting With Ananya, Hassan Changes His Perspective Towards Life
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Sabaat Episode 2: After Fighting With Ananya, Hassan Changes His Perspective Towards Life

Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gilani, Sarah Khan and Usman Mukhtar lead the cast for “Sabaat,” a show that tells the tale of characters from different lifestyles that come together

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“Sabaat” is off to a strong start after two episodes. While viewers previously saw Mawra Hocane’s Ananya and Ameeri Gilani’s Hassan butt heads in the first episode, it seems the two are softening towards each other as their love story begins – at least from Hassan’s end.  As episode two begins, Miraal (Sarah Khan) continues to enforce her views, her belief steady that she can control her life and ensure that it remain perfect – and to her own liking.  This is not relegated simply to herself, but also trickles down to her family members.  When she discovers that her brother, Hassan (Ameer Gilani), has been inspired to set out on his own and try to achieve success based on his own hard work, she is dismayed.  She makes her disappointment known and relays the information to their equally stuck up and overbearing father.  It’s clear from looking at this father-daughter duo where Miraal has gotten her personality traits.  Miraal scours Hassan’s laptop without his permission and then, in frustration, breaks it.  She’s seen going behind Hassan’s back and even contacting his friends to extract information, using expensive presents as a bribe for loyalty.  Miraal is a character that initially seemed like stereotypical stuck-up rich villains, but with this episode, it appears more clear that Miraal simply has a different thought process towards life.  She doesn’t see her behavior as manipulative, but doesn’t believe in rocking the boat in terms of status and appearances.  She does not want her brother to struggle, because he doesn’t need to – and that struggle is beneath him in her opinion.  

Hassan, on the other hand, continues to be enamored by Ananya (Mawra Hocane).  He begins working an online job for a meager salary and chooses to travel by bus instead of his own car.  When he approaches Ananya to discuss their war of words, he makes a point that he’s purchased the clothes he’s wearing himself and traveled by bus, but her purse was purchased by her father.  He’s shaken off by her when she apologizes to get him off her back.  Hassan leaves sadly, because this leaves him little opportunity to continue talking to Ananya – and it’s clear that he’s struck by a liking for her.  Meanwhile, Ananya continues to plan for a rally she’s organizing for women’s rights and what’s really endearing to watch here is how supportive, again, her parents are seen towards her life choices.  Mawra Hocane, Mohammed Ahmed and Seemi Raheel share wonderful chemistry as a family and their scenes together bring a smile to the face.  Hassan is also seen admiring Ananya during the rally and supporting her words, making it clear that he is changing for the better due to Ananya’s past words.  Unlike most typical drama heroes, he’s not doing this for revenge or false pretenses, but is actually taking her words to heart and trying to change himself.  It’s refreshing to see a character like this and Hassan is likable.

“Sabaat” is directed really well so far with the episodes crisp and to-the-point.  They don’t lag or drag with unnecessary scenes and it’s nice to see how fast-paced the show is.  The performances are solid so far with Mawra Hocane giving a natural, sincere performance as Ananya while Ameer Gilani is making his presence felt as Hassan.  It’s actually hard to believe this is only his second show, he’s making quite the impression.  Of course, Sarah Khan is doing a great job as Miraal in a show that hangs in the balance between negative and positive.  She’s very much a grey character and it will be interesting to see the extent to which she will go to get her way.  So far, Sabaat is a winner!

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