Sabaat Episode 1:  Mawra Hocane’s Latest Show Is Off To a Promising Start!
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Sabaat Episode 1: Mawra Hocane’s Latest Show Is Off To a Promising Start!

Hum TV’s “Sabaat,” starring Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gilani, Usman Mukhtar and Sarah Khan in lead roles, takes off in full force, leaving a positive impression on the audience

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Hum TV’s “Ehd E Wafa” came to an end, but drama fans did not have to wait long for its replacement.  Fortunately, that replacement has come in the form of “Sabaat,” a show that is immediately appealing and has a talented cast to support it.  Starring Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gilani, Usman Mukhtar and Sarah Khan, “Sabaat” has been written by Kashif Anwar and directed by Shehzad Kashmiri.  Overall, the feedback from viewers after the first episode has been positive as well after the first episode.

As episode 1 opens with Miraal (Sarah Khan), a woman who is “different.”  She believes she can control the world, wants to live according to her own rules and holds the thought that she can buy her way through life.  She’s a character that doesn’t come across as “negative” immediately, but one can see how she will head down that path through the course of the show.  She shares a loving relationship with her father, but that’s clearly due to his coddling and encouraging her behavior.  Meanwhile, her relationship with her grandmother (Azra Mansoor) seems strained – while her grandmother dotes on her, Miraal seems irked by her “lectures.”  Much of the episode focuses on Miraal and Sarah Khan’s performance is confident, and her character has shades of grey, which will certainly give Sarah room to perform in upcoming episodes.  Miraal’s brother Hassan (Ameer Gilani) is also introduced and while he seems like a nice guy, Miraal does her best to influence him to behave as she does.

Mawra Hocane plays Ananya, a confident, outspoken, but genuine character, one who is loving towards her family and hard-working in the outside world.  The relationship shown between Ananya and her family is sweet with her parents being played by Mohammed Ahmed and Seemi Raheel.  It’s great to see that Ananya has such a support system behind her as her father and mother both encourage her fight for women’s rights in the workplace, as well as her education.  In her college, Ananya beats Hassan in a competition, which irks Hassan and he breaks Ananya’s model in anger.  Ananya confronts Hassan and shows him his place, telling him he’s nothing without his father’s wealth.  This could have gone another way, but it’s actually nice to see that instead of turning into a revenge story, Hassan is later seen thinking about Ananya’s words and then discussing his desire to get a job away from his father’s world.

Mawra Hocane’s performance comes as a surprise.  While I like Mawra Hocane, her performances in her last two roles (“Aangan” and the current squib “Daasi”) came across as underwhelming.  It’s refreshing then to see a confident, subtle performance from Mawra in the first episode with Mawra playing the homely, sweet, but outgoing Anaya.  She’s a typical girl next door, but with spunk – kind, but not afraid to speak her mind.  Mawra has said that she feels this role is her career-best and that’s coming across so far, so one hopes it rings true.  Ameer Gilani also manages to impress with his performance as Hassan, coming across as a natural.  His pairing with Mawra Hocane is easy on the eyes and I, for one, can’t wait for this story to develop further.

Usman Mukhtar’s character has not made an appearance yet, so that’s something to watch out for.  The preview for episode two seems to be even better than the first episode, fast-paced and moving along the story between Hassan and Ananya.  Shehzad Kashmiri’s direction is as fresh and crisp as always, as his shows are always easy on the eyes visually.  This is a promising start to a show that has been highly awaited (mostly by Usman Mukhtar fans) with a different story and good performances.

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