Saba Qamar Talks About Raising Awareness for Social Causes

Saba Qamar Talks About Raising Awareness for Social Causes

Saba Qamar was recently at the Lux Style Awards 2019 where she talked about various issues in the society
Saba Qamar Talks About Raising Awareness for Social Causes
Saba Qamar

Throughout the previous two years, Saba Qamar was not seen at any local award show According to a foreign media outlet there were few reasons as to why did probably the best on-screen actor over and over declined to show up. “Although I am nominated for three different plays, I will not be attending the LSAs as a protest. They never bothered to honour me during the past 12 years and now that I have the Bollywood stamp, everyone is acknowledging me all of a sudden.”

Presently, after two years, the Hindi Medium star came back to the red carpet as a Lux young lady, clad in a cream shaded figure-embracing Zaheer Abbas number.

While the Pakistani entertainer wasn't named for any category this year, she was especially amped up for her exhibition for the evening. She assembled close by Meera and Maya Ali to pay tribute to veteran entertainer Shabnam. Her spell was a piece of a progression of tributes. “We are going to give a tribute to Shabnam Ji,” the actor said as she hummed one of the veteran actor’s famous numbers, Mera Babu Chail Chabeela. “I’m very nervous and very excited. Sometimes, we mistake our excitement for our nervousness. So, I guess I’m excited as well.”

The entertainer earned basic praise for her depiction as slain web sensation Qandeel Baloch a year ago in Baaghi, which likewise featured Osman Khalid Butt. Saba won the Best TV Actress grant at LSA 2018 yet wasn't there to get the award. One year on and she is being adulated for her solid character, Mannat, in the social issue show, Cheekh, featuring Bilal Abbas Khan, Aijaz Aslam, Emmad Irfani and Ushna Shah.

In an exclusive chat with Masala! on the LSA Red Carpet, Saba said her character, Mannat, in hit drama serial Cheekh, is very common and there are many women like her in the world who want to speak for their rights and actually do speak for their rights.

In another interview, discussing her job in the show, Saba shared that, “I put my heart and soul in it. It was very tough for me.We are facing so many issues, there are so many things and we need to talk about them. That’s why I do serials like Cheekh and Baaghi. It is imperative to shed light on topics that aren’t discussed much in society. As I mentioned before, we need to talk about this issues. We are facing them, if we won’t speak then who will? Now is the time to speak.”

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