Saba Qamar is All Of Us On a Sunday Morning

Saba Qamar is All Of Us On a Sunday Morning

Saba Qamar is one of the strongest actresses in the Pakistani television and drama industry. She has received critical acclaim and audiences’ appreciation for her work in many projects
Saba Qamar is All Of Us On a Sunday Morning
Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar recently posted a picture of sleeping peacefully in bed with her cat. White is Saba Qamar’s favorite color and the entire picture is all about white. From Saba Qamar’s white sleeping suit to sheats, everything is white. Not to forget, Saba Qamar has a white cat who is sleeping as peacefully as Saba Qamar herself. She captioned the pictures as, ‘Enjoy lazy Sunday.’ Saba Qamar’s photo is certainly Sunday goals when one does not want to leave the bed from dawn till dusk.

Here an important point was raised by one of the fans.

Ghost is Taking ur pics while you sleep.

There is definitely a point. We often come across the sleeping photos of the celebrities that make us go gaga over them. But did anyone ever wonder who takes all the sleeping photos? If both Saba Qamar and Miss Cat are fast asleep who is there to click them? Not that Miss Cat would have clicked the picture anyway but the question is legit and the thought is valid. This also reminds us of one of Priyanka Chopra’s photos where Nick Jonas was playing the guitar and Priyanka was sleeping around him. The same question was raised by the social media users there too.

Saba Qamar is one of the finest and most established actresses in Pakistan. She has a thing for strong unconventional roles that not every actor would dare accepting. Saba Qamar played the role of Fauzia Azeem in the biopic of the famous Pakistani internet star Qandeel Baloch, In this drama named Baaghi Saba Qamar played the character bravely and won critical acclaim. Her acting in ‘Cheekh’ was also intense and won critical acclaim. She made her debut in the Indian film industry with Irrfan Khan in the film Hindi Medium.

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