Saadia's Side: You Take it for Granted Until You Lose it

Saadia's Side: You Take it for Granted Until You Lose it

We take many little things in life for granted and realize their importance only once they are gone.

As I sit in this massive library to pen down the piece that will be reaching you in a few hours, I think of the groceries I have to get on my way home. The grocery store is closer to the library than my home hence I prefer getting my groceries done when I come here. Since my right shoulder is aching due to my wrong muscle movement in the last workout, I am horrified at the thought of carrying the heavy grocery bags back home which is fifteen minutes away.

It is going to be one long day

From onions to milk, from the dishwasher tablets to the washing powder, everything back home is breathing its last and I need to get at least this sorted today. Unfortunately, the weather is also pretty hot today which means my already sensitive skin might undergo some burn despite layering my fragile face with the scores of sunblock. Since by the time, I reach the grocery store everyone would be going back home from the office, the grocery store will also present the sight of an active battlefield near the checkout counters.

Work at home sounds even more draining than what I am doing right now

My head and shoulders hurt even at the thought of it. The day has been long in terms of work and it seems to stretch even more when I remind myself of my domestic duties back home. There is laundry to do, food to prepare, and a kitchen that screams for cleanliness. Tired and exhausted even at the thought of it, I ask myself if I will ever get the break that I desperately seek from life.

Here come some flashbacks

It is ironic how one can think of everything else in the world except the topic you are writing on when you put your writing cap on. The Universe has also decided to remind me of something that I need to recall every now and then.

There was a time when I was suffering from Typhoid and struggled with my daily life

A few years ago I was suffering from the draining and troublesome typhoid fever which managed to suck every available bit of life in me. While my food was limited only to the soft boiled rice with no spice and yoghurt, I also did not have the energy to get off my bed and do my day to day routine. Going out to work or simply take a walk to the grocery store was not even a part of my to-do-list. Changing sides and simply dragging myself to the loo was all I knew I was capable of doing.

Normal to me was taking the antibiotics thrice a day killing my appetite and spirits at least thrice a day.

Not too long ago I had an accident that left me lying in pain for three weeks

My memory also goes back to a year ago when I fell off a moving escalator attempting to catch my running train in time. I fell off with my face on the crowded moving escalator in a crowded trains station of the bustling Sydney. With my foot covered in blood and my knee on fire, there I was lying helpless in a foreign land I had moved just two months ago. I had no idea what to do and how to go about it. Thanks to the emergency medical facility that helped me with the bandage and enabled me to reach my home safely.

But yes, the distance that I would have otherwise covered in five minutes now took 45 long minutes. The remaining three weeks meant lying on the bed with little mobility. After three weeks, I could walk with a stick and three months later all by myself.
Recalling these moments, I instantly shake my head off and feel blessed for being able to fulfil my responsibilities without any physical issue.

We take things for granted until we don’t have those anymore

Often in life, we take many things for granted. While we feel sad about not being able to get into an Ivy League university, we need to remind ourselves that we were among the ones who had the opportunity to go to school. When walking on the road looking at the SUV passing by, we tend to stand in awe of the lives of the people sitting inside forgetting that someone lying on the hospital bed might do anything to barter his life with ours. Grocery bags might weigh heavy but being able to afford the basic amenities of life is a blessing we fail to count. We do feel drained being around relatives at times but then there are people who are alone on Christmas and Eid. Nothing comes above health, food to eat, and a roof to sleep under.

Little things in life matter a little more but little do we remember that they do. We realize their importance only once they are gone. So why not cherish while we are still blessed enough to avail these?

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By Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed is a Bollywood and cheesecake fanatic with no obvious interest in space travel. She tweets @khwamkhwah day in and out