Saadia’s Side: What is Exactly Wrong With Celebrities Doing the Dishes While in Quarantine?
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Saadia’s Side: What is Exactly Wrong With Celebrities Doing the Dishes While in Quarantine?

From Katrina Kaif to Aditya Roy Kapur, housework has never looked this glamorous

We are in this together. It is no more a clichéd term. We are literally in it together. Be it the future King of United Kingdome or a writer sitting in an Australian town, we are all in it together. Everyone has to go through the same feeling of loneliness and helplessness no matter where they come from. While some countries are experiencing the impacts of COVID-19 more than the others, everyone’s life is at stake. Everyone has to stay home without any certainty about the future. It is like a fast running video game which cannot be paced. You have to remain at it.

This also includes our glamorous celebrities we have always looked up to. Gone is the time when the celebrities lived unattainable and highly glamourous lives which we commoners could only fancy from a distance. We considered them above the common human standards. For example, who could imagine the daily lifestyle of Raj Kapoor? No one knew how Rekha looked like when she woke up from her sleep. What Rajesh Khanna ate every day was completely out of anyone’s imagination. No wonder why we looked forward to their rare media appearances (apart from their work) which included their interviews.

Anyone who has lived before the age of social media clearly remembers stocking the film magazines because they would interview celebrities asking them about their favourite colour and food. But that was about it. They were stars shining on the sky in afar off land no one had ever imagined seeing closely, leave aside being a part of it.

Times have changed and to an extent, we would never have imagined. No one had ever thought of what we are capable of witnessing some decades ago.

Due to social media, our favourite celebrities are no more the stars we perceived them to be. They have become a part of our daily lives. And to be honest, it is vice versa. These days having an active social media profile is as important for a celebrity as having an active stream of film roles. Yes, it is still important to have a strong body of work but then it is also important to be out there on social media. In case, you do not have millions of followers on the Instagram you might not even be considered a celebrity in the true blue respect.

On the same social media platforms, we also come across the celebrities who probably have no concrete jobs going on but since their social media platforms remain alive and active, they are still in game. Please do not expect me to name them. You know them all already. Don’t you?

Today when everyone is in quarantine, many film releases have been called off, and the film sets are not bustling with film crew and actors anymore, social media is all the celebrities are left with. The pressure to be out there has become even more profound. Although celebrities consider social media a way of keeping in touch with their fans, the same social media is also an important reason for them being still in game.

Hence, if you come across Deepika Padukone preparing a Nutella loaded dessert for husband Ranveer Singh or Katrina Kaif mopping the floor it should come as no surprise. Not only that they are left with very few options to cope up with the quarantine life, the celebrities also have to continue being a part of our lives and make sure that we do not forget them.

While most of the people have been praising them for their domesticated side like doing the dishes and mopping the floor, it also shows their excitement around these basic chores which make the daily life of most of the common people. Obviously, I would not be interested in filming my mopping regime as it is what I do every day without any dash of the slightest excitement.

Similarly, we come across their regular home workout videos showing that they are leading an active and fit life even while being away from their personal trainers and gyms. They seem hale and hearty living the quarantine life like a holiday. Since they spend most of their time working round the clock, it is kind of a break for them. They needed it and they are getting it.

While these activities are keeping them in touch with their fans, the celebrities have also received the criticism of many for flaunting their privilege of happily being home during the days of a global pandemic when the common man is fighting both finances and disease. To be honest, we are together in it. No matter where we come from everyone is under the danger of death and uncertainty right now.

What most of the people project on social media is not how their real lives work. Everyone is struggling to find ways and means of coping with the current scenario. For some people, it is about finding pleasure in things they never did before. For some, it is projecting their loneliness in the form of perceived happiness on social media. We are all in this together. Let everyone keep their spirits alive in these days of misery and pain. Let us all be kind to one another and get into the shoes of the ones around us. Let us keep the judgements aside for some time, or at least for the day when we are out of all this.

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By Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed is a Bollywood and cheesecake fanatic with no obvious interest in space travel. She tweets @khwamkhwah day in and out