Ryan Reynolds Shared He Got a Bad Haircut in Abu Dhabi While Filming 6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds Shared He Got a Bad Haircut in Abu Dhabi While Filming 6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds' latest film, 6 Underground - which is currently streaming on Netflix - was shot in multiple locations across Abu Dhabi

In the past few years, many Bollywood - and even some of the biggest Hollywood films, are being shot in the UAE. These include the likes of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Furious 7 and many other. Likewise, Ryan Reynolds' latest film, 6 Underground was also partially shot in the capital, Abu Dhabi. While the latest Netflix release has a lot of action to offer, thanks to it being a Michael Bay film, there were some things that happened in Ryan while he was in the UAE.

During filming 6 Underground in Abu Dhabi, Ryan invited his family over. His wife, Blake Lively and daughters had a good time, but one thing did go wrong.  The actor recently revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres show that he had to wear a hat in the last portion of the film. He said, “The last portion of the movie, I’m wearing a hat the whole time, so I decided to just get a haircut. But I went to a barber in Abu Dhabi and it looked like someone cut my hair with a loofah, like they just sort of rubbed it off. Or maybe used a hammer. Typically, you are not allowed to cut your hair while shooting a film without supervision but at the time it was all happening in slow motion, I was like 'I’m going to be fine, there’s no way it looks this bad — the mirror’s warped!' It was sort of fun — I liked having it for a minute."

6 Underground has been filmed in about 24 locations across Abu Dhabi including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Aldar’s headquarters, Etihad Towers, Arkan – Al Ain Cement Factory, Liwa desert and many others. You can also spot the Shaikh Zayed Bridge and Grand Mosque in the trailer. However, in the film, Abu Dhabi doubles for cities and countries across different continents — including Las Vegas, California, Hong Kong, California, Nigeria and the fictional Turgistan. Reports also reveal that Michael is the first filmmaker to have gotten to film inside Louvre Abu Dhabi.

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