Ryan Reynolds Enjoys Bollywood Films, Lauds India’s Contribution to Cinema
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Ryan Reynolds Enjoys Bollywood Films, Lauds India’s Contribution to Cinema

Ryan Reynolds who is famous for his role as Deadpool in the franchise of the same name revealed that he enjoys Indian cinema

Hollywood is home to some of the biggest stars from around the world and one such star is none other than Ryan Reynolds. Ryan started his career back in the 90s and is now famously known for his role as Deadpool in the film series of the same under. Originally hailing from Canada, the actor has made a huge name for himself and is loved by fans across the world, including India, where he has a lot of admirers. And in a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Ryan shared his feelings about India.

When asked about his comments on India and Bollywood, Ryan said, “Oh my god. I do love Indian culture and films. I think there is no greater contribution to cinema than from India. When I was a kid I got to see a couple of stuff from India. I would love to visit India and meet my fans someday.” The actor also spoke about the diversity in Hollywood and added, “I come from Canada, so I am also one of those actors. I love that. I feel the more the merrier. Everything that has been happening for the last few years is very exciting. The films that are being made are mature and smarter. What’s important is that what’s on screen is reflective of what’s on the street. And I think the more cinema does that, more people are going to get an opportunity, which wasn’t there earlier.”

Ryan is most known for his role as Deadpool ever since he starred in the Marvel film back in 2016. Speaking of working on the third installment of the franchise, he concluded, “I believe when Deadpool 3 comes there has to be something which nobody is expecting. That’s going to be a hard thing to do. Everyone in the Deadpool universe wants something unorthodox, imaginative and game changing and that’s what we are looking at right now.” As of now, no release date of the film has been revealed.

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