Ruswai Last Episode: What We Can Expect from the Sana Javed's Show Finale

Ruswai Last Episode: What We Can Expect from the Sana Javed's Show Finale

Ruswai, a tv show about sexual assault, is wrapping up. Blogger Hamza Shafique writes about what he can expect from the show finale

Rubin Ashraf's directed ARY Digital 's drama serial Ruswai has been in news from the beginning for its brilliant production and interesting storyline. Ruswai is about two families with simultaneous marriage of a brother-sister pair from both households. Osama Tahir and Sana Javed play Hamza and Sameera from one family married to Wardah and Salman played by Minna Tariq and Mikaal Zulfiqar. Their lives go upside down and all the relations are impacted when Sameera is abducted and gang raped. Originally it appeared that the show will deal with issue of rape and its impact on the victim and families involved but soon it turned in to a typical family Saas Bahu drama where Sameera's family emerged as the righteous while Salman's family becoming the evil one.

There were couple of issues that I had with the plot and the way certain negative elements were portrayed in a positive manner but the main one of them was the treatment of Wardah by Hamza's family. In my eyes Sameera no doubt suffered the most throughout the show but Wardah's sufferings were of equal level. While there were articles being written about how amazing Hamza is as brother, I never found a single article where it was realized how terrible he was as a husband.

He used his relationship with Wardah to pressurize Salman's family at every possible moment. If I were in Wardah's place I would have never gone back to Hamza. But of course it's a Pakistani family play where saving a marriage is the key priority regardless of how toxic the relationship is. So it was very important for me that this story is rounded off nicely and some valid justification is given for Hamza's behavior. Hamza and Wardah's storyline was a lot more interesting compared to Salman and Sameera.

Ruswai is a strong production with great direction and realistic performances, so it's definitely a great watch that is why it is equally important the message it gives is right from all perspectives. Ruswai is close to its end and second last episode aired this Tuesday. In the last two episodes they concluded most of the character arcs very nicely. Hamza and Wardah 's storyline had a beautiful finish, their scene in the hospital literally justifies and sums up what we have witnessed from both the characters so far. It was a beautifully written and performed scene. For me the show ended there.

Now it's time to end the chapter on Sameera and Salman. But I see it is headed to a typical end with Sameera getting married to his very understanding and supportive colleague and Salman facing domestic abuse charges from his second wife. Also the closure from rape and justice is still pending. Expecting a fast paced exciting last episode. Let's see how it ends, so far the journey has been great .

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By Hamza Shafique
Business executive by day and a movie geek by night. Instagram and Facebook : dubaidesireviews