Ruswai Episode 27:  Hamza and Warda’s Separation Drags On
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Ruswai Episode 27: Hamza and Warda’s Separation Drags On

Sana Javed continues to take a backseat in a show that should have revolved around her character, instead choosing to focus on marital drama

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“Ruswai” is a show that tells the tale of the aftermath in the life of a rape victim.  But does it really tell that tale?  No, it does not.  Instead, the show has continued to focus on the fallout after the attack in the form of a “watta satta” story.  The last bulk of episodes has focused on Hamza (Osama Tahir) and Warda’s (Mina Tariq) marriage and continues to do so in episode 27.

In the latest episode, Warda is in the hospital, depressed, weak and seemingly very ill, crying for Hamza and her baby.  It’s hard for the viewer to fathom what exactly Warda is suffering from.  She seems to be depressed over Hamza more than the loss of her baby and wants to use the baby as a tool to lure Hamza back.  It’s bizarre that she asks Sameera if Hamza will return to her because of the baby instead of asking if the baby is okay.  Warda’s character initially came off as a likable character, but her priorities are skewed in an illogical way.  When Hamza comes to see Warda, he is unable to digest her condition and, when he arrives back home, he collapses.  Everyone gathers in the hospital as Hamza is in the ICU and while Zakiya (Seemi Raheel), the mother-in-law from hell, continues to be stubborn for something that is not Warda’s fault, she finally relents and allows Warda to see Hamza.  The two bond and share a warm moment with their baby.  The scene between Warda and Hamza is actually a very well-acted out scene and Osama Tahir and Mina Tariq deserve credit for their strong performances here.

Sana Javed’s Sameera is the voice of reason on the show, at present.  While she is caring towards Warda and is trying to handle her family as logically as possible, she also knows how to turn around and make her stance clear to Salman.  She has not gone soft and tells him that his behavior is responsible for the entire situation.  Sameera is strong and even when Dr. Feroze questions her about Salman, she makes it clear that she’s not looking for a relationship or another man to save her.  Sameera does not want to head into another marriage where she feels unsupported by her in-laws and so she, rightfully, has distanced herself from Dr. Feroze.  This angle will pick up again in the next episode when Dr. Feroze’s mother speaks against Sameera’s fight – and Sameera tells her to leave.  This is a moment viewers are anxiously looking forward to, a moment where Sameera stands up for herself and moves forward.  Unfortunately, this moment has come too late, after a solid 27 episodes, at a point where the topic of the show now seems like it’s been added back in as a footnote.

Salman (Mekaal Zulfiqar) does have a few moments in this episode where he apologizes to Sameera and even texts her an apology.  He begins comparing Sameera’s behavior to Pinky’s (Sharmeen Ali) and his marriage with Pinky begins to suffer due to Pinky’s uncaring behavior.  At the end of the episode, Pinky accuses Salman of having an affair with Sameera and the two get into an altercation in front of his parents, ending in Pinky leaving.  From the previews of next week’s episode, it’s clear that this will be another failed marriage for Salman, one that he will have to face the repercussions of.

“Ruswai” has its moments, but overall, it has gotten off track.  While the story now seems to slowly be heading in the right direction, will that make it worthwhile when it took 28 episodes to do so?

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By Sophia Qureshi
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