Ruswai Episode 25:  Warda Gives Birth To a Baby Boy
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Ruswai Episode 25: Warda Gives Birth To a Baby Boy

In Ruswai, Osama Tahir and Minna Tariq take center stage as the show revolves around their troubles while Sana Javed’s Sameera takes a backseat

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Ruswai, a story about a rape survivor, continues to focus on petty situations rather than the story that was promised.  There are a couple of new things that transpire in episode 25.  First, Hamza (Osama Tahir) and Warda’s (Mina Tariq) son is born.  Hamza is overjoyed at the news and dotes on his son but is forbidden from bringing him home (yet) by Zakiya (Seemi Raheel).  Salma (Irsa Ghazal) is seen worried about her daughter’s home and Zakiya tells her that she will take the baby home soon, but without Warda.  Hamza notes this attitude in his mother and is seen worried and perplexed about the future of his family.  Osama Tahir, while a decent actor before, is slowly turning into a talented actor with presence.  The next new change in story is that Dr. Feroze (Adnan Jaffar) has his mother call Zakiya with a proposal for Sameera (Sana Javed).  Sameera is initially happy, but she later confronts Dr. Feroze and questions his intentions, asking if it’s love or pity.  This part is realistic, as Sameera has low self esteem after the attack and then the treatment meted out to her by Salman (Mekaal Zulfiqar).  While the Dr. Feroze and Sameera relationship is one to root for, unfortunately, it seems like Sameera will continue to deal with a domestic mess considering Dr. Feroze’s Bhabi is out to get her. 

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What comes across as, honestly, obnoxious is that in a story that has always claimed to be about a rape survivor, the show has taken 75% of the focus off Sameera.  At present, the story has become the same old “watta satta” story that has been seen on our screens for years now, a story that punishes one individual for the actions of another.  Where is the change here, as promised by Rubina Ashraf?  Where are the strong females, as promised by Naila Ansari?  While the overall premise of the show took off with the tragedy surrounding Sameera’s life and everything else that is happening in the present continues to be a spill-out of that tragedy, the focus has completely gone off Sameera and onto Warda and Hamza.  And while, on one level, that is okay as Osama Tahir is a strong performer and a joy to watch on-screen (particularly in this role), the entire essence of the show has been lost with the unfair treatment towards Warda.  “Reverse cruelty” is what comes to mind – Salma treated my daughter wrong, now I will treat her daughter poorly.  This attitude is not only wrong in reality, but one can almost imagine viewers cheerleading Zakiya in their homes, yelling “This is karma.”  No, no it is not and this sort of thing honestly just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  If this story winds up quickly now (unlikely), maybe the show can be salvaged somehow if the remaining episodes focus on Sameera’s fight for justice – but where is that fight?  There is no talk of it and the show has reached episode 25.  Is that even on the cards, at this point?  It’s unsure, but it’s a shame that a show that started off so promising and refreshingly different, set to tackle a sensitive subject, has simply turned into a show of family politics.

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