Ruswai Episode 24: Sameera’s Fight For Justice Continues To Take a Backseat
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Ruswai Episode 24: Sameera’s Fight For Justice Continues To Take a Backseat

In Ruswai, Sana Javed’s Sameera continues to be sidelined as the focus shifts to Hamza and Warda rather than Sameera’s fight for justice – which was the point of the show

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Ruswai is supposed to be a show about a rape survivor.  It’s supposed to be her journey from victim to survivor.  It’s supposed to be a tale about her fight for justice.  It’s supposed to be a fight between good and evil, a fight where the innocent reaches forward and grabs on to hope. But is any of that what we’re actually watching?  No, no it is not.  What we are watching – and have been watching for the past 15 episodes or so – is the “watta satta” show.  The survivor sits in a corner and is self-healing while her entire family has lost their minds.

In episode 24, as Sameera (Sana Javed) is seen moving on with her own life, she is the voice of reason in her household.  While everyone else is holding on to anger and resentment, Sameera is working and changing gears from being a victim to being a survivor.  While she’s not only committed to her profession and bettering herself, she is also playing the duty of a doting daughter – while also expressing her dismay at Zakiya’s (Seemi Raheel) attitude towards Warda (Mina Tariq).  It’s also incredibly sweet to see how Dr. Feroze (Adnan Jaffar) and Sameera’s relationship is progressing in such a supportive, sweet way without seeming unnatural.  Unfortunately, that’s also not being given much screen time.

On the other end, Zakiya and Hamza (Osama Tahir) are angry beyond reason towards Warda.  While Warda did meet Salman (Mekaal Zulfiqar) and attend his wedding without permission at the worst possible time, she is not responsible for the actions of her brother.  This just goes to show that Salma (Irsa Ghazal), no matter how crazy of a character she is, was absolutely right about “Watta satta” (in this case) – her daughter’s home is falling apart due to Salman and Sameera’s marriage ending. 

While Hamza did initially argue with Zakiya, defending his child’s right to have two loving parents, he has fallen in line with Zakiya now as well.  Warda, stuck at home with Salman and, the sister-in-law from hell, Pinky (Sharmin Ali), she is slowly realizing how wrong her family has been.  Openly lashing out at Pinky, Warda makes it clear that she believes Mehmood’s (Mohammad Ahmed) death is on their heads.

This is essentially all that happens in the episode, the episode focusing almost entirely on Warda and her plight, the domino effect that her life is going through due to her brother’s actions.  Unfortunately, it’s simply not interesting.  This is not what viewers want to watch.  Warda now realizes her mistakes, but has barely taken responsibility for them with Hamza.  Hamza is punishing his pregnant wife for her brother’s actions and is heard stating to Zakiya that he can’t divorce Warda during her pregnancy – making one wonder, is this the only reason he isn’t divorcing her? 

On the other hand, Salma is finally seen thinking about how badly Sameera was mistreated.  However, it comes off as a bit too convenient.  Characters like Salma rarely repent for their actions.   Would like to say that someone acted well in this episode or stood out, but the episode overall was simply headache inducing.  The highlight was the very brief scene between Sameera and Dr. Feroze, along with Dr. Feroze’s scene with his chatty mother.  Otherwise, the episode was dull and repetitive.

Episode Rating:  1/5

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By Sophia Qureshi
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