Ruswai Episode 23:  Warda Faces the Consequences of Salman’s Actions
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Ruswai Episode 23: Warda Faces the Consequences of Salman’s Actions

In Ruswai, Sana Javed’s Sameera breaks free of Mekaal Zulfiqar’s Salman as their divorce is finalized; but after Salman’s remarriage, Warda’s life is affected as she is blamed for supporting her brother

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As Sana Javed’s “Ruswai” slowly begins to move towards karmic justice, Sameera’s fight for justice has yet to begin and leaves the viewer wondering – is that even a plot point?  The show seems to focus more on personal, petty issues and gives family drama more priority than the trauma of the rape survivor.  The highlight of this episode is that Sameera has come off the pedestal of blame-placing and has finally realized that her father was not a terrible person looking to sacrifice his daughter.  After his death, she visits his grave to apologize and Feroze (Adnan Jaffar) tells Sameera that the best way to honor her father is to live life the way he would have wanted to see her living it – smiling.  The Feroze and Sameera bond brings a smile to the face and the audience can’t help rooting for this pair.

Sameera’s “samajhdaari” does not end here.  After Mehmood (Mohammed Ahmed) death an Salman’s (Mekaal Zulfiqar) remarriage, Sameera’s family is furious with Warda (Minna Tariq) and both Minna and her father are shocked when Hamza (Osama Tahir) and Zakiya (Seemi Raheel) kick Warda out of the house, telling her that she is no longer welcome in their home despite her pregnancy.  Up until now, Hamza has been a very strong, vocal character that spoke of logic.  However, in this moment of grieving, Hamza has let the audience down, turning his own marriage into a transaction of “watta satta,” forcing Warda to pay for the crimes of her brother.  Zakiya, true to evil mother in law clichés, also supports Hamza – and Sameera is left to be the voice of reason.  Explaining that Warda is not to blame for the choices of her brother and highlighting Warda’s pregnancy, Sameera has matured and grown almost overnight, able to see clearly once again.  Sana Javed performs very well in this episode with the few scenes she is in.

At home with her family, Warda experiences discomfort with Pinky’s (Sharmeen Ali) unwelcoming nature.  Pinky openly leaves Warda out and looks down on Warda for having to stay in their home, going so far as to force Ariz (Usman Peerzada) to state that he’ll find another house to live in with Warda – to which Pinky agrees.  This scene is bittersweet as while it’s difficult to see Ariz and Warda in pain, it’s also a slap in the face for Salma (Irsa Ghazal) who consistently mistreated Sameera and approved of Pinky.  She is now at the receiving end of the same treatment she meted out to someone else’s daughter.

Overall, this episode of Ruswai was fairly disappointing with little of worth happening – and whatever did happen was upsetting to see.  It’s difficult to see a strong character like Hamza so overcome with ego and lack of understanding towards his wife.  While Warda’s actions were wrong and poorly timed, her crime is not such that she could be blamed for Mehmood’s death or Salman’s actions.  Osama Tahir is a natural in the role as Hamza and keeps Hamza in the “likable” zone, but his actions in this latest episode were disappointing to say the least.  Ruswai does prove to be a further disappointment with each episode.

Episode Rating:  1/5

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