Ruswai Episode 22:  Tragedy Strikes Sameera’s Life Once Again
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Ruswai Episode 22: Tragedy Strikes Sameera’s Life Once Again

In Sana Javed starrer “Ruswai,” her character, Sameera, experiences tragedy once again when her father is involved in a bad accent and ends up in the hospital in critical condition.

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Ruswai is a show that promised to be something different, showing how a loving brother supports a woman after she is raped and not only fights the system on her behalf, but also her ex-husband.  Ruswai has been a rollercoaster ride of a show and this is not in the best way, rather in a way that keeps the audience wondering when the actual fight for justice will begin.  While Sana Javed has done an impeccable job of performing, as has the rest of the cast, the show has slowly lost sight of what it was supposed to stand for.

In episode 22, Mehmood (Mohammed Ahmed) is guilt ridden by the pain he has caused Sameera (Sana Javed) and continues to blame himself for her plight.  In his misery – and after being snubbed by Sameera on several occasions – Mehmood runs himself into oncoming traffic while driving.  This lands him in the hospital in critical condition.  While Hamza (Osama Tahir), Sameera and family wait, Warda (Minna Tariq) faces the brunt of their anger as Hamza asks her to leave, still angry at Warda for attending Salman’s (Mekaal Zulfiqar) wedding and the grief that Warda’s family has put them through.  Sameera cries at the foot of her father’s bed and he momentarily puts his hand on her head.  Unfortunately, when Dr. Feroze examines him, he is pronounced dead.

Piling misery upon misery on an already miserable situation is something that just comes off as unnecessary.  Instead of showing Mehmood as a strong man supporting his daughter, the writer/production house deem it necessary to rake in the TRPs by exaggerating Sameera’s already deep despair.  Isn’t it enough for a woman to suffer through abduction and rape?  She has to go through an abusive marriage as well and then, when she finally leaves her abusive husband and goes back to her family, she must lose her father as well.  To make matters worse, Sameera and Mehmood had not been on good terms since the abduction and now Sameera will be racked with guilt for her behavior towards her father right before his death – a death that was intentional, a suicide.  It just goes to show that the team behind the show does not understand how to satisfy its audience with a strong, compelling story and must resort to the same old cliched scenarios to get ratings instead of sticking to a strong, solid story that touches upon a relevant subject.  While one could say “it remains to be seen how the story moves forward from here,” viewers have simply been waiting a long time for the show to get back on track – and it just does not seem to be happening.

Episode Rating:  2/5

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By Sophia Qureshi
Pakistani Drama enthusiast, Bollywood fan, elementary school teacher, writer, reader, photographer, lifelong student and mother