Ruswai Episode 21: Salman Divorces Sameera and Gets Remarried Immediately
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Ruswai Episode 21: Salman Divorces Sameera and Gets Remarried Immediately

In Ruswai, Sana Javed’s Sameera continues to deal with heartbreak after her divorce is finalized and Salman marries Pinky four days later. However, the aftermath is more grave than one would expect.

Ruswai has now begun to capitalize on exactly what Pakistani audiences love – misery, despair and tragedy.  Since Sameera’s (Sana Javed) abduction, her entire life has been turned upside down.  To add to the misery, Sameera found herself in a loveless, abusive marriage with Salman (Mekaal Zulfiqar), a relationship that was once a loving, committed one until the attack.  The misery of the show took its toll not only on the characters in the show, but also on frustrated viewers.  For a show that promised to depict a woman fighting to regain control over her life, Ruswai appeared to cater to the “bechaari aurat” loving audience, dragging Sameera’s life through the mud repeatedly and then throwing her into an abusive marriage as the icing on the cake.  However, with the last episode (episode 20), the light at the end of the tunnel began to shine through, giving viewers hope that Sameera would now start to fight for her life, for justice and for a different kind of future – one that she deserves.

Unfortunately, episode 21 leaves audiences in a place not much better than they were before episode 20.  As Ariz (Usman Mukhtar) is persuaded by Salma (Irsa Ghazal) to forgive Salman, Salman is made to sign the divorce papers and Ariz pays a portion of Sameera’s Haq Meher, with the rest coming in installments.  As Sameera is handed her divorce papers, she does not waste a moment to thrash Mehmood (Mohammad Ahmed) verbally, once again blaming him for her abduction and rape, telling him she will never forgive him.  While the audience sympathizes with Sameera and wants her to fight for her rights, at this point, it becomes unfathomable as to why Ruhina (Natalia Awais) and Hamza (Osama Tahir) do not step in and tell Sameera to put a sock in it.  The audience can feel Sameera’s hatred for her father and how deep that must cut Mehmood.

On the other end, Salma and Ariz are welcoming Pinky (Sharmeen Ali) into the fold, Salman having his rukhsati a mere 4 days after giving Sameera a divorce.  At Salma’s insistence, Warda (Minna Tariq) attends her brother’s marriage despite Hamza’s strict instructions to stay away from her family.  While Warda is stuck in a sympathetic situation, this move is foolish on almost all accounts.  Choosing to stay in a marriage with her husband, why would Warda think it logical to attend Salman’s wedding given the circumstances?  And if she had to, why would she even bother taking pictures?  This is a case of making your own bed of dirt.  Of course, Ruhina spills Warda’s little lie in front of the family and not only is Warda on the receiving end of anger, but Zakiya (Seemi Raheel) also places blame on Mehmood for being loyal to Ariz and, after hearing harsh words from his daughter and wife, Mehmood reaches for a gun.  Here’s where things get crazy – Mehmood heads to Ariz’s home where Ariz, Salman, Pinky and Salma are spending time together and shoots Ariz.

Now while this is the end of the episode, the preview for episode 22 shows Mehmood having health issues and potentially turning a gun on himself.  Taking that into consideration, the final sequence of episode 21 is most likely (and hopefully) a dream sequence.  If not, Ruswai is in for a mess ahead as it’s simply another unnecessary storyline.  Here’s to hoping the scene is simply a dream and the story can get back on track (AGAIN).  Unfortunately, Ruswai has turned into heavy family drama that is both irritating and unnecessary.  The story between Feroze (Adnan Jafar) and Sameera is probably the most interesting part of the story – can we have more focus on this relationship please?

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