Ruswai, Episode 20:  Salman’s Lies are Exposed and The Push For Divorce Begins
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Ruswai, Episode 20: Salman’s Lies are Exposed and The Push For Divorce Begins

In Ruswai, Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar play Sameera and Salman, a once in love couple now at the brink of an ugly divorce involving emotional and physical abuse after Sameera’s rape

As Ruswai continues its run, the show is finally seen moving into the realm viewers have been waiting for.  While the show promised to focus on a rape survivor and the quest for justice, it quickly took a turn for the saas-bahu drama.  However, in the last episode, things took a turn for the positive as Sameera put her foot down and left her husband for her own sanity.  The battle is now set to begin as Sameera looks forward and attempts to restart her life.

As episode 20 begins, Salma (Irsa Ghazal) spots Sameera (Sana Javed) with Dr. Feroze (Adnan Jafar) as he’s dropping her home and the two share a laugh.  Of course, Salma creates a scene over this while dropping off gifts for Warda’s (Mina Javed) baby.  Thankfully, before anything can come off her accusations, Salman (Mekaal Zulfiqar) himself is exposed.  When Pinky (Sharmeen Ali) is attacked by her house help, Salman comes to her rescue, but Pinky is left shaken.  Refusing to stay in the house alone, she forces herself into Salman’s home.  When Hamza and Mehmood (Mohammed Ahmed) visit to discuss the situation, they are shocked when Pinky forces Salman to introduce her – as his wife.  Of course, the house erupts into chaos and Sameera’s family demands a divorce – and Sameera’s Haq Meher, which Salman and his family cannot pay.

As Sameera’s family sets off to battle against Salman and his family, Sameera is thankfully removed from the entire showdown, choosing instead to focus on her job and her own mental sanity.  In a beautiful scene where the necessary audio is muted (thanks ARY, why bother shooting the scene?), Sameera and Ruhina (Natalia Awais) are seen watching an inspirational show together and it’s seen that Sameera is now deriving strength from the shared experiences of others.

What’s truly refreshing about this episode is that everyone is just fed up with Salman’s nonsense.  At this point, even Salma is seen faltering in her defence of Salman, unable to understand what he’s doing to their family, his sister and his life.  Ariz (Usman Peerzada) disowns Salman outright, furious with his behaviour and Sameera’s parents, Hamza (Osama Tahir) and even Warda firmly sides with Sameera.  While Hamza has been treating Warda poorly in her pregnancy, it is irritating to see her defend her brother. 

This makes the scene where Warda defends Sameera and blasts her brother’s behaviour a happy moment, putting Warda back on the side of “good” – though she has her moments of negativity.  Coming to performances, this episode is owned by Mohammed Ahmed and Osama Tahir, their rage and disbelief portrayed brilliantly.  Sana Javed and other key players are more low-key in this episode and take a backseat as the men battle it out.  The next episode seems to move back into murky territory as Sameera continues to hold a grudge against Mehmood, but it will be interesting to see how the story progresses at this junction.

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