Ruswai, Episode 19:  Sameera Distances Herself from Salman and Fights Back
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Ruswai, Episode 19: Sameera Distances Herself from Salman and Fights Back

Sana Javed’s “Ruswai” has followed the trauma of a rape victim for weeks; however, while the show chose to focus on Sameera as a victim initially, this week finally shows Sameera the survivor

Ruswai is a show that has had a mixed response from viewers.  While the acting from Sana Javed, Mohammed Ahmed and the rest of the cast has been on point, the storyline has veered away from Sameera’s recovery and focused on her bad marriage to Salman.  Watching Sameera mistreated by her own family and in-laws week after week has been emotionally draining for viewers and has, unfortunately, lessened the impact of the show.  That being said, episode 19 finally picks up and moves the show back on track.

In the latest episode, Sameera (Sana Javed) stands her ground in demanding a divorce from Salman, telling Ruheena (Natalia Owais) that she finally feels free after months.  However, after realizing that he owes a substantial amount of money in haq meher, Salman (Mekaal Zulfiqar) runs back to Sameera to take her home.  Sameera does not relent, however, and kicks Salman out of the house, forbidding him from coming back. 

Unfortunately, Wardah (Minna Javed) finds herself caught in the middle of this scenario with her in-laws and Hamza (Osama Tahir) furious with her family.  Hamza expressly forbids her from communicating with her family and lashes out at her when she defends her brother.  While Warda’s behavior is irritating, watching her trying to convince Sameera to go back to Salman, it’s also understandable.  Warda fears for her own marriage and the happiness of her home if Salman divorces Sameera – and through all this, Warda is unable to enjoy her pregnancy.

Sameera takes Warda to the hospital and the family is overjoyed in finding out she’s having a boy – but Hamza’s silent streak continues.  Meanwhile, Salman continues to meet and pursue Pinky (Sharmeen Ali), who is growing more agitated at the damage being done to her reputation.  Salman asks for time, as he can’t divorce Sameera right away due to the haq meher issue.  On the other end, Sameera goes back to work and finds support and friendship in Dr. Feroze (Adnan Jafar). 

In true melodramatic fashion, Salma (Irsa Ghazal) heads over to bring gifts in celebration of Warda’s (upcoming) baby boy – and arrives just in time to see Dr. Feroze dropping Sameera off from work.  As the two share a laugh, viewers become well aware of the wheels churning in Salma’s head with yet another attempt to character assassinate Sameera.

After weeks of dragging out the domestic issues in Sameera’s life, that part of her misery has (hopefully) finally come to an end and it’s time to see Sameera fight back.  Sana Javed commands this episode with her acting.  Her performance takes Sameera from a depressed, unhappy woman to one willing to fight against injustice and stand up for herself.  How will Sameera react to Salma’s accusations?  And how will Sameera and Salman’s separation affect Warda and Hamza?  Will Sameera get justice from her attackers?  How will Dr. Feroze figure into Sameera’s future?  All of these questions are now, finally, able to come to the forefront as Sameera has broken free from her terrible marriage.  It remains to be seen how the story will move forward from here.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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