Ruswai, Episode 18:  Sameera and Hamza Catch Salman Red-Handed
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Ruswai, Episode 18: Sameera and Hamza Catch Salman Red-Handed

In Ruswai, Sana Javed’s Sameera continues to make attempts at fixing the state of her marriage at her mother’s encouragement – until she catches Salman with Pinky

Ruswai is a show that highlights the plight of a rape victim and not only what she endures, but what the entire family experiences in the aftermath of tragedy.  Unfortunately, the show got off-track when it focused more on the negative reactions of family members and Sameera’s abusive marriage.  However, with episode 18, the show finally gets its wheels back on the track, propelling the show towards some positivity and a fight for justice.

Episode 18 begins with Ruheena (Natalia Owais) passed out, discovered by Zakiya (Seemi Raheel) and Mehmood (Mohammed Ahmed).  They alert a doctor and ensure she’s saved, worried about the stress they’ve put on her through their family’s time of grief.  Hamza (Osama Tahir) and Wardah (Minna Javed) wonder why they’re being left out of these important family discussions, but when Hamza confronts Mehmood, he tells him to take care of his wife. On the other end, Sameera (Sana Javed) is encouraged by Zakiya to mend her marriage with Salman and tells her to celebrate their anniversary.  However, when Sameera takes a cake to the room, she finds Salman (Mekaal Zulfiqar) talking to Pinky (Sharmeen Ali) on the phone. 

Ruswai, Episode 18:  Sameera and Hamza Catch Salman Red-Handed

Salman and Sameera get into a heated argument and Salman threatens to physically hit Sameera again.  She runs out in fear with the cake and heads back home the next day after Salman leaves for a flight.  However, when Sameera heads out with Hamza, the two stumble across Salman and Pinky together.  When they confront him, Salman stands firm, saying he doesn’t even want to live with Sameera, unashamed of his actions.  Sameera finally snaps, saying Salman is a hypocrite for calling her characterless when in fact, he’s the one who is characterless.  Later, Hamza forbids Wardah from having anything to do with her family from this point on.

Ruswai, Episode 18:  Sameera and Hamza Catch Salman Red-Handed

This is a turning point for Sameera – and not only for Sameera, but also her entire family.  While Sameera has been holding on to past memories of her relationship with Salman, his character has now been exposed and she’s aware that he’s been having an affair with Pinky right under her nose.  Sameera’s words to Salman, calling him out, are exactly what viewers wanted to hear from her and Sana Javed gets this scene right.  While she breaks down later with her mother, she shines as a woman who has finally had enough from a verbally, physically and emotionally abusive husband.  Sana Javed is the star of this episode, performing well in both the bedroom scene with Salman and then again in the confrontation scene towards the end.  Osama Tahir is also a star performer in this episode.  While he doesn’t get much screen-time, he wins viewers over with his performance in the last few sequences.  It will be interesting (finally) to see how the show progresses from this point on!

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