Ruswai, Episode 10: Hamza Puts His Marriage On the Line For Sameera
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Ruswai, Episode 10: Hamza Puts His Marriage On the Line For Sameera

In Ruswai, Sana Javed and Mekaal Zulfiqar’s characters are seen drifting apart, but Sameera’s brother steps in and stands up for his sister

“Ruswai” is a strong tale about how survivors of rape are treated by society and their families.  It also sheds light on the emotional plight of an individual who is taken and then comes back.  Sameera, played by Sana Javed, is fighting to gain back her lost respect for an attack that was not her fault.  She struggles for acceptance in her family and with her husband and in-laws.  In episode 9, Sameera found herself making some hard choices. In episode 10, Wardah (Minna Javed) comes to the house and tells Hamza (Osama Tahir) and the family that she has left her home due to her parents and their increasingly irrational demands. 

Sameera (Sana Javed) makes the decision to take back her case, but is chided by Dr. Feroze (Adnan Jafar) for taking the easy way out.  On the other hand, Hamza is upset by Salman’s (Mekaal Zulfiqar) behavior towards Sameera.  He threatens Salman that if he can’t respect Sameera, he will not respect his own marriage either.  Hamza drops Wardah at her parent’s house, which forces Salma (Irsa Ghazal) to rethink her strategy.  Salman talks to Sameera and they “clear” their differences, finally getting married.  However, on the wedding day, Salman seems visibly tense and agitated – where Salma enjoys adding oil to the fire, provoking Salman against Sameera.

What is truly beautiful about this show is that while there are negative characters like Salma, the show has some great characters that are balanced – like normal, modern day human beings.  Wardah is one such character.  Her irritation at her own family, her loyalty to her husband and, most importantly, her ability to love and understand Sameera’s feelings make her a hero of her own accord.  In shows, viewers have become accustomed to seeing brothers getting married and bringing home the sister-in-law from hell for the lead female character.  This is not the case here.  Wardah is a kind, considerate, empathetic character who not only loves Hamza, but also everything and everyone attached to him and all without being fake.

The real male hero of “Ruswai” is Hamza, played by Osama Tahir.  He supports his wife when he believes she’s right.  He supports his sister when he believes her thoughts are valid.  He tries his best to toe the line between being a good brother and a good husband – but he is genuine enough to recognize that his wife is a new entrant in his life and his sister deserves his utmost loyalty.  So while his bouts of anger towards his wife and in-laws are irritating to watch at times, he is a relatable character because, well, honestly, who wouldn’t be irritated by his terrible in-laws?

The progression of the show is being carried out in a realistic way and it’s refreshing to see that Sameera and Salman’s “patch up” was not done in haste.  Sameera was allowed to work through her feelings, Salman was allowed to be the jerk he is meant to be and, after much thought, the two seem to be headed into marital bliss finally – or are they?  Judging by the promos and the OST, Salman will turn out to be an emotional wreck and physically abusive towards his wife, a wife who he sees as “ruined.”  It’s a blessing then for viewers to see a character like Dr. Feroze, her colleague and an upcoming support system.  With his angle just beginning properly and Salman and Sameera’s marriage spiraling out of control before it even begins, watching Sameera defend herself and fight for justice is the real intrigue regarding this show.