Rumours of Ajay Devgn Being Involved in a Helicopter Crash

Rumours of Ajay Devgn Being Involved in a Helicopter Crash

The rumours, spread over whatsapp, said that Ajay's chartered flight met with an accident. But were they true?

Celebrities becoming victim of WhatsApp hoax messaging is a new trend. Usually the trend is started by a mischief monger, who just types out a hoax and sends it in a WhatsApp group just for fun. Each WhatsApp group has a limit of 250 members. But when the same message is posted in different groups by different people, it instantly reaches 5000 (five thousand people) in a matter of minutes and the post becomes viral.

This how recently Ajay Devgn became a victim. It was rumoured that he is involved in a helicopter crash. No celebrity is spared from hoax messages and Ajay Devgn is the latest victim. From the past one week, WhatsApp forwards made the rounds that Ajay's chartered helicopter met with an accident wherein pilot of the helicopter died on the spot. The forward also claimed that the crash occurred while Devgn was returning from a shooting near Mahabaleshwar.

However, the local police has stepped into dispel the rumour. A senior police official from Mahabaleshwar police station, not wishing to be named told DNA, "If there had been a situation of Ajay Devgn's helicopter meeting with an accident or crashing anywhere in Mahabaleshwar or nearby we would have to come to know. We have checked and there is no such incident reported."

The police officer added, "This message was being circulated a week ago also, and it has again started from Sunday. We are trying to ascertain as to who is spreading such fake news and sending forwards about helicopter crash."

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located in Maharahstra's Satara district of Maharashtra.