Roopa Ganguly says answers on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death “don’t add up”
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Roopa Ganguly says answers on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death “don’t add up”

The actress and BJP AMP speaks up on the investigation and on nepotism

Since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death actress and MP, Roopa Ganguly has been very vocal in campaigning for a CBI investigation into his death. According to her several tweets on the subject, the MP believes the late actor died as a result of suspicious action rather than suicide.

In an interview with IANS Roopa said, “A lot of questions have been answered but they don’t add up.” Speaking on Sushant’s character she said, “A person, who was so grounded, so down to earth, who is so ambitious that he writes his dreams — would he quit so easily?”

This comes after the Mumbai Police ruled there was no foul play in his death on July 1st. “I am not raising question on Mumbai Police’s capability, but I feel investigation by a central agency like the CBI would be more unbiased,” explained Roopa.” Why should the police department consider it as an insult to take help from other agencies? If they are so sure that it is suicide then they should actually call the CBI to prove it to us,” the MP requested.

Chiming on the nepotism debate Roopa said, “I will not watch films of certain people after this. Because they have given a message to the country that boys and girls from small towns should not come to the industry.” Concluding, the BJP MP said, “Nepotism will be there everywhere. Parents can definitely help their children. But it should not be practiced in a way so that some people are pushed to death.”

Image via Instagram: @roopaganguly

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