Robert Downey Jr on How He’s Dealing with the Loss of Iron-Man

Robert Downey Jr on How He’s Dealing with the Loss of Iron-Man

Robert Downey Jr starred as Tony Stark, also known as Iron-Man, in the hit Marvel’s Avengers franchise

The Iron-Man saved the day for Avengers in the final movie of the series, where the build-up was created to bring Thanos into the fold who is hell-bent on destroying half of the life in the universe to bring balance. The iconic scene where he snaps his finger in Avengers: Endgame and brings half of all the universe back to undo Thanos’ act will remain etched in the memories of MCU fans for years to come. However, in doing so, Tony Stark loses his life and also causes an emotional uproar as to why the character’s journey in the MCU was brought to an end.

Avengers: Endgame

A lot of fan theories about how the iconic character can make a comeback in the MCU have since arrived as catharsis for fans who wanted to see more of Ironman, but the actor who play the Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr, has opened up about how he is dealing with the end of the Iron-Man. Robert Downey Jr was speaking to Hoda Kotb on NBC’s Today. Hoda asked: “A lot of folks were really heartbroken when Iron Man and Tony Stark went away. Were you heartbroken when the end came?” Robert Downey Jr replied: “Now that I’m middle-aged, to be honest, you start looking at the back nine and you go, ‘Oh, this is part of the journey as you…that things end.’ You know, everyone is going somewhere.”

But Hoda pressed on, asking the questions which everyone wants an answer to. “Is it a true end, though? Because everyone keeps cracking a door open saying, ‘Maybe?’ Are you keeping it cracked open?” “Those might be — what do they call it? — the stages of grief? I’m not sure,” replied Robert Downer Jr. “Are we in [the bargaining stage] now?” he joked. “I am so pleased, just that, I wound up where I have. I’m very fortunate so, I’m not the kind of guy who — I want to try to keep it classy. We’ll see.”


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