Rishi Kapoor: Son of a Famous Father or Father of a Famous Son?
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Rishi Kapoor: Son of a Famous Father or Father of a Famous Son?

The actor is in the process of planning his autobiography

Rishi Kapoor apparently wants to title his autobiography, ‘Son Of A Famous Father, Father Of A Famous Son’. (Yes, that also happens to be his bio on Twitter). According to a certain daily, Rishi Kapoor admits that the memoir is being co-written by a journalist, whom he doesn’t want to name at the moment.
Amidst all this excitement about Rishi’s book, we also wonder if he is, in a way, mending his relationship with son Ranbir. Not that the father and son were never on talking terms but Rishi himself had stated earlier that he was not the friend and ideal father for his son, RK Junior. Yet, deciding to title his memoir, ‘…Father Of A Famous Son’ does hint that he is in a way acknowledging his son's success in the book.
Regarding the delay in the autobiography, Rishi told a daily, “I’ve gone through the story of my life. But now comes the tough part. My co-writer and I need to go through hundreds and hundreds of pictures which I’ve accumulated over the years through my great grandfather (Prithvi Raj Kapoor), parents (Raj and Krishna Kapoor) uncles (Shammi and Shashi Kapoor), brothers (Randhir and Rajiv), their children, grandchildren… phew! The pictures are taking longer to sort out than we had thought.”
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