Rimi Sen Joins Bigg Boss 9 Before Venturing Into Direction Next Year!
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Rimi Sen Joins Bigg Boss 9 Before Venturing Into Direction Next Year!

The actress was last seen in a film in 2011

She is best remembered as the Dhoom actress. Bollywood actress Rimi Sen didn't quite cut it as far as commercial cinema is concerned, but she did develop a decent body of work, finding her true calling in Priyadarshan style comedies. The 34-year old actress is planning to venture into direction next year and she joined Bigg Boss 9 to reconnect with her fans, reported an article in mid-day.com. The Bengali beauty, last seen in Tigmanshu Dhulia's Shagird in 2011, said she has not quit acting.
"I am venturing into direction next year so I am using Bigg Boss as my base to connect with my fans again. I have been very choosy about my roles, so my fans have seen me in a handful of films in my 12-year Bollywood career," Rimi told PTI before entering the house. The actress has confirmed that unlike other female contestants she will not choose the kitchen as her domian in the house!
"I hardly know how to cook, so I won't be seen in kitchen for sure," she said, adding, "I am a very calm and composed person when I am in some troubled situation, you will not see me in any controversy. I take time to open up with others." 
Rimi has not done any preparation to be a part of the house, promising to be herself and stay away from the controversies! Incidentally, the actress is the only Bollywood celebrity contestant in the house and the actress is quite okay with it. 
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