Richa Chadha Responded with the Most Savage Reply to Gaurav Kapur
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Richa Chadha Responded with the Most Savage Reply to Gaurav Kapur

Gaurav Kapur shared that social media is not kind to a woman who chooses to voice her opinion or take a strong stance

Over the past few weeks, Indian Twitter has been abuzz with all sorts of hullabaloo. From celebrities showing their support to the Citizenship Amendment Act, to others protesting against it. These were obviously followed by haters from one side hating on the other – no surprises there. However, in a recent turn of events – or in between events rather -  Bollywood star Richa Chadha shut down TV actor and host, Gaurav Kapur. What happened you may ask? Well, read up, because this one all you women are going to agree with!

Richa Chadha Responded with the Most Savage Reply to Gaurav Kapur

Gaurav tweeted, “There’s one unmistakable pattern online, the shocking amount of abusive bile directed at strong, independent and successful women.” But it looked like the host took his sweet time to notice the pattern as Richa was quick to respond, in a witty fashion. Sharing a gif, the actress replied with one that read, “Welcome to my world,” hinting that all women – or at least, most – get abused online. And not just online, but in day-to-day life, in person as well. Obviously, the tweet attracted tonnes of netizens to share their concerns too – with many calling him out for staying silent on the protests and the police brutality.

One wrote, “Yeah that’s so true. Smriti Irani and Shefali Vaidya are prime examples of that. They are abused with so much derogatory words by your lovely left-liberal friends.”

Another shared, “But you should not forget that the same people made her strong, independent and successful women. No one is bigger than this nation, if you stand with ‘tukde tukde’ gang than she deserves what she is receiving.”

One commented, “Gaurav, I hope you can make peace with your conscience as you shared propaganda filled JNU violence. Request you to use your rational mind. Note: I condemn use of derogatory remarks but this agitation was done by people like you.”

Another tweeted, “If you know Indian psyche and how Indian families bring up their kids then you shouldn’t be surprised at all. Hypocrisy is very deep in our culture. What we worship and what we do in daily life have a 180 degree difference.”

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