Richa Chadha Feels that Here is No Patriotism in Hiding that India is Unsafe For Women
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Richa Chadha Feels that Here is No Patriotism in Hiding that India is Unsafe For Women

Richa Chadha said that women in India face a lot of violence and in many cases, they do not get any justice

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha is known for speaking up her mind on social issues. Earlier, while working in Love Sonia, she spoke about the atrocities related to trafficking girls and later also emphasised on the importance of educating them for a better future. This is probably one of the reasons why Richa chooses films that shows the society its real face. Now, with her upcoming film Section 375 opposite Akshaye Khanna, the actress hopes to raise awareness about the rape culture that exists in India. In the film, Richa plays a lawyer who fighting a case to give justice to a rape survivor.

Speaking about the crimes against women in India, Richa said,  "There is no patriotism in hiding that India is unsafe for women. India ranks very high on violence against women. There are number of cases of female feticide, genital mutilation and acid attack. There are so many rape cases that go unreported because of social stigma and it makes the situation worse for the victim. Rapists are a product of society. So on what basis can one say that it is a safe place? People who say India is extremely safe for women, are men."

The actress added that there is a need for change from both, the government as well as the society. She stressed that laws are powerful but the way they are implemented is a matter of concern. Richa's film Section 375 takes its name for the Indian Penal Code that talks about rape. Director Ajay Bahl has done his thorough research on it before deciding to make a film on it. "It is a sensitive subject but we, especially the director, have done a lot of hard work on it. I feel we have tried to be truthful and sincere. I was worried about the film initially, but the way Ajay has treated it, I'm not worried now," concluded Richa. Section 375 hits screens on September 13.