Revealed! Why Ajay Devgn Chose to Work with Tollywood Director SS Rajamouli

Revealed! Why Ajay Devgn Chose to Work with Tollywood Director SS Rajamouli

Ajay Devgn plays a pivotal role in SS Rajamouli's upcoming film RRR that also stars Alia Bhatt

The association between Bollywood and Tollywood goes back a long way. Of late, these collaborations have increased. SS Rajamouli is one of the most sought-after names in Bollywood, especially after the super success of Bahubali 1 and 2. No wonder his next films RRR (we don't know what it stands for!) is much awaited especially since he has signed on big stars from Bollywood like Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn, along with Tollywood superstars Ram Charan and NTR Jr. 

But how did Ajay Devgn come into the picture. Ajay and SS Rajamouli actually have known each other for years.  And it’s surprising that  it’s taken them so long to finally work together in  Rajamouli’s eagerly awaited  RRR. Devgn and Rajamouli have been  planning to collaborate  for the last nine years, say sources. In 2012, for the Hindi version  of  Rajamouli’s Eega the  director  met Ajay Devgn and Kajol amd hit it off instantly.The star-couple readily did  the voiceover for  the  Hindi version of Eega (Makkhi).

Speaking to me about finally getting to work with  Ajay Devgn, the extremely  humble and incontrovertibly brilliant  Rajamouli said, “Ajay Sir’s character is extremely important for the film. I needed an actor whose face and every word he utters oozes honesty and integrity. I  needed an actor the whole country would believe in what he says or does.”

Elaborating on why  only  Devgn  fitted the bill  Rajamouli  says, “I think if I spell out the requirement and ask who is the best actor to play the role, 9 out 10  people would say Ajay Devgn. We are extremely happy and grateful that he accepted the role and played it to utmost perfection.”

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