Revealed! The EXCITING Details of the ‘Simmba’ Series!

The success of Ranveer Singh-starrer Simmba has prompted Rohit Shetty of BIG things including a Simmba-Singham collaboration!
Revealed! The EXCITING Details of the ‘Simmba’ Series!
Ranveer Singh in a still from 'Simmba'

The saga of the immoral cop who switches sides after his conscience awakens is likely to be continued into an ongoing franchise.  In this case director, Rohit Shetty would have three franchise products in his bank Gol Maal, Singham and Simmba, two about law enforcers. Says a source close to the development,  “Though Simmba is based on Puri Jagannath’s Telugu film Temper there are scarcely any similarities between the original and the remake. Rohit Shetty has not designed Simmba as a one-off occurrence.  Ranveer will be back as Simmba again. And this time Ajay Devgan’s Singham won’t be a cameo like it is in Simmba. In the next Simmba film, Ranveer and Devgan will be fighting corrupt elements as a team.”

The source describes this tasteful plan as incumbent on the success of Simmba.  “Just how far the Simmba saga goes,  would it have legs as along as  Singham, depends entirely on the magnitude of Simmba’s success,” says the source. 

Fingers crossed.